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Do you know where your customers are? WhatsApp already boasts over 11 million users in the Netherlands alone. Improve your reach and automate customer contact easily with a WhatsApp chatbot.

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The Watermelon chatbot builder for WhatsApp chatbots

No-code chatbot

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“The Watermelon interface was easy to use and the results were immediate: we went live in two days!“

- Jortijn Bijl - Senior Marketing Manager, Afas Software

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whatsapp chatbot

Automate customer contact

An intelligent chatbot on Whatsapp

Improve your customer service availability with a WhatsApp chatbot. Your customers can reach out any time of day via a 06-number or using your company telephone number.

whatsapp chatbot

Chatbot builder

Watermelon’s Whatsapp chatbot builder

You don’t need technical know-how to build a WhatsApp chatbot for customer service. Centralize and automate customer contact with Watermelon. Add your FAQ’s or create more complex conversations for your chatbot and help your customers no matter where they are.







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Hunter Douglas chatbotLogo of Hunter Douglas
  • 15 leads a week thanks to chatbot Lilly
  • CRM system integrated with the chatbot

Chatbot Lilly supports website visitors by matching up them with the right products and dealers. By interlinking the CRM system of Luxaflex® with chatbot Lilly, the Sales department gets to work as efficiently as possible.

Logo of LogistiekconcurrentLogo of Logistiekconcurrent
  • 70 percent of customer inquiries automated
  • 37 service hours saved per month

Also open outside office hours for customer questions? Logistiekconcurrent did not say no to that! To increase customer satisfaction and support the customer service team, they built a chatbot.

Succesverhaal KitcentrumLogo of Kitcentrum
  • Live within 30 days
  • Super personal chatbot

Being available 24/7, reducing the call-pressure and continuing to provide a personal service, that was the goal of Kitcentrum.nl. Meanwhile, chatbot Kittie picks up 600 calls a month and you can even play a game of soccer with him.

Successtory of QanderLogo of Qander
  • 75 percent of chats are handled by the chatbot
  • 40 to 45 percent of queastions are outside office hours

Qander's goals were clear: more customer questions answered immediately, a lower workload for the service team, shorter waiting times and available 24/7. These goals have been achieved with Chatbot Emma/Marleen.

successtory chatbot Stichting BKRLogo of BKR
  • 300 chatbot conversations a day
  • 75 percent of conversations are directly handled by the chatbot

BKR drives the road of digitalisation by implementing their customer service chatbot. The chatbot handles all FAQ’s while staying personal.

Succesverhaal chatbot PureLouLogo van PureLou
  • 96% of the questions are automated
  • Each day Chatbot Vilou saves PureLou 240 euro

With Chatbot Vilou, PureLou saves a lot every day. Vilou advises webshop visitors about the different products and with great results: 85% of PureLou’s hair salon clients are happy with chatbot Vilou!

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whatsapp chatbot

Official WhatsApp integration

Publish your chatbot with WhatsApp business

To turn on your chatbot in WhatsApp for your customers, you’ll need a WhatsApp business account. When you’ve got an account, you’ll get granted access to the official WhatsApp API. Watermelon helps you arrange this verification so you can start building right away!

Whatsapp chatbot

Connect your most used channels

Improve your reach and availability

Integrate your WhatsApp chatbot on all your popular channels to be even more easy to get in touch with. Manage all your chatbot and live conversations on WhatsApp, your website, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, email and Twitter from one central location in the Watermelon dashboard..

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