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Chatbot integration for Instagram

Easily manage your Instagram conversations from the Watermelon dashboard. Connect Instagram to Watermelon and experience the benefits of a flawless integration.

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Your chatbot on Instagram

Instagram for businesses allows customers to ask a question directly through the channel they already use most often. After asking their question, your customers can move on to other things, which gives your team just a bit more breathing room. A direct answer is also possible with a Watermelon chatbot. Connect Watermelon to your Instagram Business Account and automate up to 85% of the conversations!

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Watermelon integratie Instagram
Watermelon integratie Instagram


Instant interaction with your followers on Instagram

Instagram offers many ways to interact with your followers. With a chatbot, you can easily send auto-replies, also called buttons, which allow your followers to easily have a conversation with your Instagram chatbot. Additionally, it is possible to automatically respond to mentions and you can generate more traffic to your Instagram Direct Messages using Facebook ads.

  • Automatically respond to stories

  • Use auto replies for quick Q&A handling

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