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Pulse = ChatGPT + The power of Watermelon

Watermelon Pulse is our new chatbot-building environment powered by ChatGPT. It allows you to quickly create and deploy your own custom chatbots on popular channels like your website, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp without the need to code. With our user-friendly interface and AI-powered capabilities, building and deploying chatbots is a matter of minutes.

Watermelon Pulse
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Building your chatbot in three simple steps

Watermelon Pulse allows you to personalize your chatbot with domain-specific knowledge and prompts without coding. A user-friendly interactive tester helps improve chatbot intelligence, which can be published on popular channels for real-time customer engagement.

Add your knowledge

Our new chatbot environment lets businesses personalize their chatbots by adding domain-specific knowledge, Q&A's, and prompts. It's user-friendly and requires no coding, allowing for easy integration in just a few minutes.

Test interactively

Once you've added knowledge to your chatbot, you can test it with our new interactive tester. This feature allows you to make corrections and improvements on the spot, ensuring a highly intelligent chatbot that is completely customized to your and your customers needs.

Publish on your favorite channel

After building and testing your chatbot, you can effortlessly publish it on popular channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Chat. Once published, you can sit back and watch the magic of automation happen as your chatbot engages with customers real-time.

Watermelon and OpenAI

Innovative at the core

Built on top of ChatGPT

Watermelon Pulse uses the advanced language processing technology of ChatGPT to deliver an innovative chatbot-building environment for customer service, marketing and loads of other teams. Our product is specifically designed to provide these teams with the tools they need to quickly create custom chatbots in a matter of minutes.

Multi language

Multilingual Chatbot Builder

Skip the language barrier

Watermelon Pulse's chatbot builder offers multilingual support, allowing you to reach a wider audience and improve customer satisfaction. With the knowledge of over 7000 languages, the chatbot can easily switch between languages on the spot.

Alexander Wijninga - CEO & Founder Watermelon

“AI is revolutionizing the way we do our daily work, particularly in customer communications, bringing about a transformative impact on both the customer experience and business operations.“

- Alexander Wijninga, CEO & Founder Watermelon

Frequently Asked Questions

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What level of technical expertise is required to build a chatbot with Watermelon Pulse?

Our new chatbot-building environment does not require any prior technical expertise to use, since itis designed to be user-friendly.You can quickly create and customize chatbots using the platform's intuitive interface, and no coding skills are required. Additionally, we provide extensive documentation and support to help you get started and build effective chatbots that meet your specific needs.

When do I get access to the beta and is it free?

Everyone has access to the open beta, you can easily create a Watermelon account here. The beta is only available in the Business package, which is available from € 399 euros per month.

Do I need to create an OpenAI account to use this functionality?

No, you only need a paid Watermelon account to use Watermelon Pulse.

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