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AI Chatbot API

Watermelon's API can be used by external applications to connect to Watermelon and exchange data.

Watermelon integratie api

Integrate and automate

Thanks to Watermelon's API, the chatbot has access to information outside of its own system. The chatbot searches the backend for the necessary information, without disrupting or slowing down the process. The API acts as a bridge between systems that ensures that information travels back and forth quickly and efficiently. This gives the chatbot a wide range of tools and databases for an optimal customer experience.

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API’s for chatbots

Thanks to the API, your chatbot handles frequently asked questions, such as 'What is my order status?', without your employees having to provide support. Your chatbot automatically retrieves the available information from the external app and communicates this to the customer.

Watermelon integratie api
Watermelon integratie api

Public API

Integrate Watermelon in your Techstack

The API also allows information to be sent from Watermelon to external apps. Think of updating your CRM system. Does the customer give his or her address to the chatbot? Then this data can also be stored in your CRM.

  • Fully integrate Watermelon in your organization

  • Automate your processes

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