The story of Nummereen

Nummereen is ready for today's parent and the future parent.

Serving parents well, that is the primary goal of Eva Scholtes (Manager Customer Service) and Ninke Hoppenbrouwers (Manager Communication and Marketing). Together with Watermelon, Nummereen innovates and optimizes customer service.

chatbot nummereen watermelon
chatbot nummereen watermelon

Nummereen, founded in 1990, grew from a single daycare in Eersel to an organization of forty different locations. In total, the organization has almost 300 professionals who all like to work with and have a passion for children. Today, Nummereen extends from a passion for children, to a place where development of the children stand prominently.

Ninke and Eva both focus on the question of how Numereen can serve parents as well as possible, now and later. ‘We used to work mainly with the telephone. This was always during office hours and we started to think about how this could be done better. We soon ended up with a chatbot.’

Let’s get to work!

We are constantly asking ourselves “How can we serve parents in the best possible way? We are always thinking about how we can do this in an innovative and progressive way. After all, innovation really suits Nummereen. We came up with a chatbot very quickly. At that time, a chatbot was still very new to us, which is why we decided to attend a knowledge session at Watermelon. We immediately decided that we were going to work with Watermelon on that day. The ball started rolling from thereon, which is now two years ago.’

chatbot nummereen watermelon

The start of the project

For the construction of the chatbot we mainly had to think about the content, so that was the beginning of the process. We continuously dealt with what to insert into the chatbot, Ninke says: ‘We looked at the traffic of the website. We converted the information from the most frequently viewed pages into questions and answers. In the end, our customers provided us with the most input, so I asked our customer advisors if they could literally write down all the questions they were asked. These were initially imported manually, but with the help of Watermelon we were able to import everything eventually!


Accessible for parents


Automated conversations


Months to go live

Eva Scholter Nummereen

“Of all chatbot conversations, at least seventy percent of the parents are well served. These parents immediately get the right answer to their question, even after closing hours“

Eva Scholtes – Manager Customer Service

From Chatbot Eva to Chatbot Robin

The chatbot project was started by Ninke, later joined by Eva Scholtes. This meant not only a new colleague for the team, but also a change for the chatbot. In the initial phase we thought extensively about a name and a persona for the chatbot. Her name would be EVA, with a wink to the first woman Eve, since we mainly work with women. It was also an abbreviation for Electronic Virtual Assistant. Of course, the moment Eva Scholtes became part of our team, we thought EVA wasn’t that suitable. A digital and a human Eva within a team is a bit confusing! From that moment on chatbot Robin was born’.

chatbot nummereen watermelonchatbot nummereen watermelon

The right answer immediately, even after closing hours

The preliminary project was mainly supervised by Ninke, after which Eva took over. Eva recognises that customers have to get used to the chatbot. She says: ‘I see this in the Mismatches. It’s really important that whole sentences are entered. Of all chatbot conversations, at least seventy percent of the parents are well served. These parents immediately get the right answer to their question, even after closing hours’.

The success of a chatbot is not only determined by the content, but also by daring to do it, says Eva: ‘You shouldn’t be afraid of that thirty percent that might not be helped. WhatsApp was a really good outcome for us in that aspect. Through the website, your visitor will be gone sooner, so you will have less chance to recover. We have about 2,000 parents. You don’t want to blunder with this, WhatsApp really is an improvement on that’.

Ready for todays’ parent and the future parent.

Being innovative and progressive are Nummereen‘s priorities. This means that you should not only be able to serve current parents, but also future parents. This was one of the reasons for implementing the chatbot and this still plays an important role, says Eva: ‘We have a clear target group, namely (future) parents with children aged 0-12 years. These are people from 25-45 years of age. That’s a broad group, some of whom are still used to telephone and e-mail for business communication. But WhatsApp is becoming more and more mainstream, also for business traffic. Especially for the new generation of parents. We want to act on that.’




Channels connected


FAQ questions added

Building chatbots with the children

The parents are already informed about the chatbot and how to deal with it. Nummereen is ultimately about the development of the children, so they also want to introduce this technology in the program. Together with Watermelon, Eva organised a chatbot building workshop for the children: ‘We really enjoy taking the children from the daycare with us in the technological developments we are going through at Nummereen. In one afternoon, the children from one of the daycare locations will build a chatbot together with the Watermelon software. ‘I look forward to this day!’

chatbot nummereen watermelon

The daycare: a place for development

Together with Watermelon, Nummereen has been able to innovate customer service and offer their customers their service day and night. Ninke concludes as following: ‘With chatbot Robin we ensure that we can speak to our parents quickly and easily 24/7. Robin thus meets the goal that we had in that area. Besides, a chatbot is very much in line with our core value of innovation’.

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