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Lilly; Hunter Douglas’ lead-generating chatbot

In this client case study, Julie Choenni (Online Campaign Manager) at Hunter Douglas discusses their experiences with the Chatbot, the Customer Success path/implementation and of course the results.

chatbot Hunter Douglas
chatbot Hunter Douglas

Luxaflex® UK window coverings’ chatbot Lilly has more up her sleeve than you may initially think. Despite the fact that she is a relatively simple bot with clickable answers to questions, she is able to effectively answer customer inquiries and to recruit new customers who are looking for top class Luxaflex®. We spoke with Online Campaign Manager Julie Choennie who manages chatbot Lilly on behalf of Luxaflex®.

Looking for a Chatbot

Luxaflex® UK is a Hunter Douglas brand and is a world leader in the window coverings market. Hunter Douglas is the parent company for more than 134 businesses with 47 factories and 87 assembly plants in more than 100 countries. Luxaflex® UK is sold exclusively in physical shops, but they realise that times are changing and that it’s easier and easier to buy window coverings online, so Luxaflex® decided that it was important to improve their online customer service and marketing. The solution they had in mind was a chatbot. They started to look and, at the Dutch Chatbot Conference, they decided upon Watermelon.

chatbot Hunter Douglas

Why Watermelon?

Julie: ‘We actually found Watermelon appealing immediately. They were quick to reply, enthusiastic about their product, and they really think along, even when you want something other than a standard chatbot, which we did. It’s important to us to have a chatbot that can help not only with customer service but also with lead generation for our sales department. Lilly’s really worked out. She has been active for around a month and a half and generates about five new leads per week.


Leads a week




Integration with CRM

Julie Choenni Hunter Douglas

“The convenient thing about a Chatbot as opposed to a customer service employee is that you can keep track of what each visitor does and when they do it.“

Julie Choenni - Online Campaign Manager

Time to success

It took a while to get to this point. Initially, Lilly worked based on conversations wherein the visitor could type in their query. This led to some difficulties with the flow, and Julie soon realised that customers were getting frustrated.

‘Luckily, Denise (our Customer Success Manager) joined us at a certain point and had the great idea of providing Lilly with clickable standard answers. The limited number of choices offered clarity and overview to the visitors and it’s also a great deal easier to maintain and service. I initially had fifty conversations entered, and only 32 of those remain.’

chatbot Hunter Douglaschatbot Hunter Douglas

How does Lilly work?

Lilly doesn’t mince words. When you open a chat, she immediately asks what she can help you with. If you’ve purchased Luxaflex® and have a question or complaint, she will refer you to the right person or dealer. She also offers information about the most important types of Luxaflex®, which you can then inquire about or indicate that you wish to make a purchase. You can ask to be called or download the brochure. In this manner, Lilly acts as a bridge between the online and physical shops.

Integrating Lilly with CRM

Julie: ‘In order to allow the collaboration between Lilly and sales to move as smoothly as possible, we made use of the chatbot’s API. This allowed us to connect Lilly with our CRM-system (Maxlead Manager).The minute that someone requests a brochure (and fills in their email address) or requests a call, it will immediately be registered in the CRM. If someone requests a call, the entire chat will be saved and sent. The sales employee can then see which route the prospective customer has taken and which information he or she may be interested in.’


Now that Lilly’s concept is clear, Julie’s attention has shifted to optimisation. ‘The convenient thing about a Chatbot as opposed to a customer service employee is that you can keep track of what each visitor does and when they do it. I can see which question category is popular. Eighty percent is for marketing and twenty percent is for customer service. We can also see where people get stuck and back out. In order to improve this, I’m currently compiling ‘other questions’. Visitors can pose these questions to us if they’re not programmed into Lilly. If these questions recur, I can easily add them to Lilly in a new conversation.’




Channels connected


Countries available

Lilly in the spotlight

As Lilly is generating leads, it’s an attractive prospect for Luxaflex® to put her a bit more in the spotlight. Julie: ‘We haven’t done that up until now. I expect that the number of leads will increase even more if we do that, perhaps by promoting her via a newsletter or on social media. By looking into what does or doesn’t work, we can glean valuable insights.’

chatbot Hunter Douglas

Launch in other countries

These insights can perhaps soon be used more broadly. ‘Now that we know what Lilly can do for both our customer service and marketing departments, she’s become an integral part of our website; we are thinking about introducing her to Dutch and Swiss Luxaflex®. That’s probably going to happen as soon as this autumn.’

Collaboration with Watermelon

In conclusion, Julie is satisfied with both the collaboration with Watermelon and with Lilly’s results. ‘I enjoy our collaboration. Watermelon is extremely customer service oriented and really thinks about the concept and the setup of the chatbot. I’ve had regular contact with Denise who has supported me tremendously. I also find that maintaining, gauging and optimising Lilly using the dashboard works very well.’

Lilly as a weapon against e-commerce

‘As far as Lilly’s results go, I’m satisfied with what she’s currently delivering, but of course I’d love to see the number of leads improve even more. What I find most important is that we are now reachable 24 hours per day on our website. That’s of the utmost importance if you want to remain competitive in the field of e-commerce, where you can immediately see prices and order online. Chatbot Lilly solves this problem for us and in doing that, she’s a valuable addition to our team!’Check out the chatbot at Luxaflex®

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