The story of Duux

The stress during peak moments is in the past with the chatbot of Duux

Peak moments in customer service remain a challenge, as Dennis Wessels (Marketing Communications & E-Commerce Duux) learned the hard way. Together with Inge Toemen (Office Manager Duux) and Watermelon he built the solution. Duux is ready for the future and the upcoming peak moments!

chatbot duux
chatbot duux

For over 20 years, Duux has had a clear mission: to offer the best possible indoor air quality to improve your health. The various design products improve the air quality in different ways. Next to that, they look amazing. The theme of clean air is becoming more and more important, as also reflected in the number of customer questions: ‘During the hot and unpredictable summers of recent years we had many unexpected peak moments. Because of the heat there was a rush on cooling products. We were often asked whether we still had fans in stock, among other things. Almost everyone in the office was constantly on the phone, often supplying the same answer over and over. We figured this could be so much more efficient. Therefore we immediately started looking for a solution before the next heatwave’, says Dennis.

Way better next year!

The quality of your customer service is always important. Especially at peak moments, customers may get impatient and want a rapid answer, and of course a solution. This turned out to be a challenge for Duux. Dennis says: ‘We didn’t have someone who fully focused on customer service yet, so all customer questions were answered by the team. Because of that, vital processes and activities suffered, and that’s a shame. At that time we did have a chat window on the website where we noticed that the same questions regularly popped up, we also noticed that it takes time to get information from your customers. It soon became clear that we had to step it up a notch.

chatbot duux

The solution: a chatbot

The search for a solution started and Watermelon was soon seen as the right partner, says Dennis: ‘At first we hadn’t immediately thought of a chatbot. After talking to Watermelon at the Webwinkel Vakdagen we saw that Watermelon offered the right solution. It’s a shame to wait until it’s too late to respond to a trend. We want to be ready, for today, but also for the future. By starting with a chatbot now, we are definitely future-proof.’


conversations automated monthly


months until they went live



dennis wessels duux

““We want to be ready, for today, but also for the future. By starting with a chatbot now, we are definitely future-proof”“

- Dennis Wessels – Marketing Communications & E-Commerce bij Duux

New (digital) colleague

Chatbot Awair was brought to life by Dennis. The name Awair stems from the combination of the English words aware and air and fits perfectly with what Duux preaches: making people aware of the air quality in their home. After designing a personality, the implementation started, Dennis says: ‘After we started with Watermelon, it took a while before it got going. In the beginning we didn’t have anyone to build the chat. That’s also my first tip: make sure someone has the lead in building your chatbot so it’s up and running as soon as possible.’

After a short period of time, new colleague Inge joined the implementation of Chatbot Awair: ‘When I started at Duux, Chatbot Awair was immediately a good help. During onboarding, the chatbot helped me gain product knowledge. After that, I started actively building and optimizing.’

chatbot duuxchatbot duux

Dedicated chatbot builder

Every morning, Watermelon is launched by Inge so that Awair is available throughout the working day to answer the first customer queries. Inge makes sure that the chatbot keeps getting better and better and adds information about new products and common customer questions, amongst others.

‘The tip from Sven (Customer Success Manager) to first draw the conversation trees for yourself has helped me enormously to set the right paths and keep an overview. By means of set choices, we are able to guide our customers to the right information in a funnel. When we notice that a question is being asked more often, we put it higher up in the conversation tree.’

‘If Awair does not fully understand the customer’s question, it will be passed on to an employee. For certain questions and conversations you end up with an employee anyway. The chatbot has already requested the right information or given the necessary instructions to our customers. I can then help the customer even faster and better.’

Centralize, automate and optimize

Watermelon’s platform consists of several features that allow you to centralize, automate and optimize your customer service with ease. As mentioned above, Duux uses the Hybrid model, where a call can be automatically forwarded to an employee if the question is too complex for Awair. Inge experiences even more advantages of Watermelon: ‘In the chatbot builder you can easily add images or other attachments. These attachments support the provided information, it’s very easy to use as well. Recently we also tagged all conversations with certain tags. This makes it even easier to analyze the conversations and find out what our customers are actually asking for. In addition, customers can reach us via the website and Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp will be added soon.’

chatbot duux

Awair’s success

With Chatbot Awair, Duux is ready for the peak moments to come which definitely makes Duux future-proof. Dennis looks forward to the future: ‘Soon we also want to link the chatbot to our database, so customers can check their order status in a fully automated way. It is precisely these questions that often come after office hours, when people come home and are curious about their order. This is going to bring us a lot, we are really looking forward to the future.’

chatbot duux

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