The story of Cabau Lifestyle

85% customer service automation with the Cabau chatbot

When Cabau Lifestyle launched, they knew one thing for sure. Customers needed 24/7 availability, and the solution was a personal chatbot. Scalability was important, too - the chatbot needed to grow with the business. Today chatbot Cabau handles over 85% of all customer questions successfully. Tommy, a Digital Marketer at Cabau Lifestyle, shares the success story of the Cabau chatbot.

chatbot cabau lifestyle
chatbot cabau lifestyle

About Cabau Lifestyle

Cabau inspires and motivates women to get stronger, more fit and more self-confident. Their goal is to provide women all over the world with inspiration and motivation, offering high-quality supplements, healthy nutrition, smart workouts, trendy accessories and revitalising me-time wellness moments. “We make fitness more fun, supplements more nutritious, healthy eating less boring, and take me-time to the next level.” Cabau’s mission is to empower as many women as possible to move more, eat better and enjoy life to the fullest. “Making the world a better place starts with women feeling their best.”

Start from scratch

The first project Tommy kicked off with Cabau Lifestyle was building the chatbot. The chatbot launched at the same time as the website, which presented a number of challenges. Tommy: “You don’t know the baseline when you’re just starting out. How many questions will be asked, how many people you’ll need for customer service, etc. We didn’t set any specific goals before building the chatbot, but we did want to get started right away. The great part about a chatbot is that many of those frequently asked questions found on the website can be handled entirely by the chatbot. Even if thousands of inquiries are being made at the same time. In our case, most people are asking about our products, how to buy them or how to use them, or we’re getting questions about delivery or returns.”

chatbot Watermelon Cabau Lifestylechatbot Watermelon Cabau Lifestyle

Let's get to work!

First things first - Tommy kicked off the project with the Watermelon Academy. “That was a great way to immerse myself! I maybe could have done it without the Academy, as the platform is very easy to use. A lot of the content for conversations was already written up, so after the Academy course I started building the chatbot immediately. I got in touch with a Watermelon Onboarding Specialist a few times during the process when I ran into questions, and we worked together to optimise the chatbot. Ultimately I ended up building the chatbot in less than eight days.”

Tommy Arnts

“Of the total number of conversations, more than 85% was handled bij chatbot Cabau“

- Tommy Arnts - Digital Marketer

Useful Watermelon features

Tags in Watermelon add another layer of meaning, allowing for categorisation or segmentation of the topics of incoming questions. Tommy: “I check how many conversations are handled, and which channels see the most volume, or where a conversation got hung up.” The conversation tags allow for insights into the content: Are there many questions coming in on a specific topic, such as an order status or delivery? Are there questions in a specific language coming in? Tags allow for an overview of conversation topics at a glance. Another Watermelon feature is “Open Fields”, used to make providing customer service that much more easy. “When someone asks a question about an order, the chatbot asks for a first and last name, and the order number”, explains Tommy. “Then our team can pick up the conversation with all those details in hand and look into what issue the customer might have.”

“I was just chatting about this with our Customer Success Manager; webhooks could definitely be interesting for us. We’re going to investigate whether or not we can connect webhooks to the PostNL system, for example.”

chatbot watermelon cabau lifestyle

What makes the Cabau chatbot special?

Since the chatbot has been part of the customer service team since day one, Cabau Lifestyle has managed to keep a relatively small team of human agents. Even still, customers still have a personal service experience: “The chatbot offers 24/7 availability for help with easy questions, and responds with a personal touch. You can really adapt the tone of voice to make the conversation personal, and we definitely did that!” explains Tommy with pride. “Chatbot Cabau approaches the conversation with a specific style. For example she asks at the start of the conversation: “With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?”. That personality factor makes the Cabau chatbot special, and that was definitely a must-have when we got started with the chatbot. I think we did a great job bringing this to life!”

Anywhere and anytime

Chatbot Cabau services customers on a number of channels. The 24/7 availability is a choice Cabau Lifestyle wants to offer; 50% of questions come in after business hours. When it comes to personal questions, the chatbot Cabau works together with a customer service agent. “You’re not just selling nutritional supplements, you’re selling a lifestyle,” explains Tommy. “That’s why people also ask personal questions about their specific situation, and that’s a challenge for AI to fully automate. In those cases, we definitely want to show we’re listening, and offer an employee’s email address via the chat so the customer can reach out.”




customer service automation


Live within 8 days

Performance stats

Can we say that the Cabau chatbot is a success? “Out of the total number of conversations had in January, over 85% was entirely handled by the chatbot. I think that if you dig deeper, this percentage is even higher”, says Tommy smiling. “We designed the bot to be able to handle everything herself. We also regularly take a look at conversations where things didn’t go as well, and we make tweaks to improve performance. The chatbot is being used way more often than we thought it would be!”

chatbot watermelon cabau lifestyle

Would you recommend Watermelon?

“The service from the team at Watermelon is top-notch. I’m always helped quickly, and it’s easy to get in touch with them since they’re a Dutch company and we’re a Dutch company. In the beginning we had some challenges, but these were always solved and solved well. The most important thing for me was being helped immediately if I ran into a roadblock, and that went very well. I have great communication with the Watermelon team. Also, the Watermelon platform works really well overall: it’s easy to use, the integration with all the different channels is great - and the chatbot does what it needs to do. Chatbot Cabau has ensured that the customer service team from Cabau Lifestyle is available 24/7 for customers who want an answer right away.”

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