The story of AMP Group

Thanks to Chatbot Max, the hold time on the phone isn’t so long anymore.

Over 60% of all incoming inquiries asked via chat are handled by Chatbot Max. The fifteen customer service team members from the AMP Group are delighted with their digital colleague, who’s currently responsible for one in five customer questions that come in.

chatbot AMP Groep
chatbot AMP Groep

About the AMP Groep

Delivery and identification with extra care - that’s the core business of the AMP Group. This means delivery of medication, travel documents and fragile products, but also identifying individuals on location or via an app. The AMP group can provide a customer with a photo of the service employee that’s coming by their home. The AMP Group also makes the delivery process more sustainable with their sustainable appointment calendar. With a team of 250, the AMP Group is constantly improving the delivery and identification process, day in and day out.

Why use a chatbot?

“We were getting a ton of customer questions across a number of communication channels, including by phone, email and WhatsApp. We were looking for a customer-friendly and innovative way that we could reduce the pressure in our customer contact centre and shorten hold times on the phone”, explains Max Been, business consultant at the AMP Group. “Although chatbots have been around for a bit, and at first glance they aren’t per se innovative, we realised that Watermelon had modernised the technology, and we wanted to try it out.”

chatbot amp groep

Let’s get to work!

“The Customer Onboarding Specialist worked with us to set goals for the chatbot, such that we could measure when the chatbot was truly successful. Then we examined our current customer contact process: which questions are asked most often? How are these picked up and responded to? Is it necessary that a human agent respond to these?”

The challenge of building the chatbot was, according to Max, mostly related to determining what knowledge the chatbot needed to have. “The actual build wasn’t difficult: Watermelon’s platform is very user friendly. The question was more: what does the chatbot need to know? If you start thinking about this, many interesting options come to mind, and you need to decide.”




Of all customer contact handled by chatbot Max


Months until go live

Max Been AMP groep

“Of all incoming contact, including phone calls, nearly a third is handled by the chatbot. And if we only look at chat conversations, it’s 60%.“

Max Been - Business Consultant

Chatbot Max is quite lifelike

The fact that the chatbot’s name is Max isn’t a coincidence. Chatbot Max is a virtual clone of Max himself. The digital Max responds in the same way that the human Max would. “You’re going to end up putting some of your own personality into the design of the bot”, says Max. Perhaps that worked a little too well: “We can tell by how customers respond in the chat that they don’t always realise they’re interacting with a chatbot. Sometimes even I’m not sure if I’d know myself”, he says laughing.

chatbot AMP Groepchatbot AMP Groep

The variety of responses from Chatbot Max

Considering the expansive yet specialist services that AMP Group provides, the number of frequently asked questions can’t be counted on fingers and toes. “That’s why we’re continuing to make our chatbot smarter, so that he can respond to every specific question. That’s what I love about the platform: you can make a natural conversation flow in such a way that you can provide the best possible answer for the customer. I get feedback via the platform, but I also get feedback about Max the chatbot from our customer service team. That’s how we keep optimising, meaning even more customers can be helped by the chatbot.”


of chat contact automated


conversations per month


users in the Watermelon platform

What about performance?

“Of all total customer contact, including telephone calls, 25% is handled by the chatbot. If we look at just chat conversations, that percentage is 60%. Our goal was to automate 15-20% of all customer contact, thus the chatbot implementation is a success!”, says Max, satisfied. “We also have seen the chatbot have a positive impact on the hold times on the phone: the chatbot reacts more quickly, leading to fewer customers picking up the phone. There’s a real correlation between these two factors.”

chatbot amp groep

Would you recommend Watermelon?

“Watermelon listened very well to our wishes and needs. They helped us define and map out what we wanted, figure out what our roadblocks were and share how they could offer support to overcome these challenges. If I call with a question, I can reach someone right away. If they say “I’ll get back to you” that happens every time. I would definitely recommend Watermelon!”

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