Here is all the information about Watermelon data sub-processors

Sub-processors Watermelon

In order to offer our service properly, we collaborate with a number of partners. We save and store personal data with a majority of these partners. With regard for the General Data Protection Regulation, these partners are processors or sub-processors. We have signed a data processing agreement with our partners, or we’ve agreed to the terms under which this data is processed, in order to ensure that personal data is processed in a correct and appropriate manner. Your privacy and your customer’s privacy is central to everything that we do in our provision of service.

We do our absolute best to ensure that your data doesn’t leave the EU. We have Google data centres in Groningen and in Belgium. A number of our partners don’t allow us to choose where data is processed. We do ensure, however, that all partners we work with are part of the Privacy Shield Framework.

Google Cloud Platform

We use the Google Cloud Platform to host the entire Watermelon architecture. Where possible, we use servers based in the Netherlands or within the EER.

The data processing agreement has been accepted

Google Suite

We use Google Suite for our internal email, file storage and calendars. We save personal details including first and last name and email for calendar invitations. Personal information collected via email may appear in these tools, thus we have accepted a data processing agreement with Google Suite.

The data processing agreement has been accepted


We use Mandrill to send emails from the Watermelon platform.

The data processing agreement has been accepted

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