Conversational AI

Technology to build AI Chatbots that talk like a human

Transform your business operations with AI. Build your AI Chatbot easily using your knowledge base, no coding required with our user-friendly builder.

Conversational AI

Why Watermelons' chatbot builder?

Easy to build

Learns from you

Connect your software

No code


Easily improve

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Watermelon conversational AI engine

Build a Multilingual AI Chatbot.

    Our user-friendly chatbot builder is powerful and tailored for you. Easily build a chatbot without coding and customize it to fit your customer's needs and your company's tone of voice in no time.

  • Easy to build

    Creating a chatbot is a breeze with Watermelon! Forget about complicated keywords or thinking through every question and scenario. Just share your specific use-cases and upload your knowledge base, and watch as Watermelon works its magic and let the AI do the dirty work!

  • Learns from you

    To effectively respond to customer inquiries, your chatbot requires access to information about your products. Utilize Watermelon to easily upload your FAQs, product descriptions, internal documentation, and example conversations, and witness how quickly AI adapts and learns new information.

  • Connect your software

    Watermelon chatbots can be accessed via the Web Widget on your website, as well as other platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The Watermelon API also allows you to connect the chatbot to your own application. You'll never lose your live chat functionality, as you can easily pause the AI chatbot and transfer the conversation to customer support staff.

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Alexander Wijninga - CEO & Founder Watermelon

“AI is revolutionizing the way we do our daily work, particularly in customer communications, bringing about a transformative impact on both the customer experience and business operations.“

- Alexander Wijninga, CEO & Founder Watermelon


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Who benefits from Watermelon?

Watermelon caters to a diverse range of users.

CX Managers / Operations

Watermelon is designed specifically for CX professionals. With its no-coding approach, you can easily begin building your chatbot using your existing knowledge and continuously test and refine it until it meets your desired specifications.

Business Owners

Watermelon is ideal for business owners seeking cost-effective automation of customer service. It allows easy building of chatbots without coding and can connect to internal systems for more automation. This not only improves customer service but also frees time and resources for the business owner. With 24/7 availability, Watermelon's chatbot can increase sales, boost customer satisfaction and reduce customer support costs.


Watermelon enables marketers to improve customer engagement, increase sales, and optimize marketing efforts with easy chatbot building and customization. Connect to internal systems for lead generation, retargeting and upselling automation. Watermelon's 24/7 chatbot can also increase brand loyalty and customer retention.

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multilingual communication

Watermelon's multilingual support.

Watermelon's AI-powered chatbot builder offers seamless multilingual support, allowing businesses to expand reach, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Easily switch between languages and customize chatbot for specific languages and cultures.

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