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Meet our user-friendly chatbot builder

Use the easy drag-and-drop system and build a dialogue in minutes. Transform the most complex questions to automated dialogues and launch your chatbot with a single click

chatbot builder

Why use Watermelon’s chatbot builder?

Easy to use drag-and-drop system

Give your chatbot its own personality

Test your chatbot before publishing

No coding required

Publish your chatbot in a single click

Easily add new knowledge

chatbot builder

Easily build your personal chatbot

Everything you need to build a chatbot

    Our chatbot builder is designed specially for you, powerful but easy to use. Without the need for coding, you can build a chatbot in no-time and have it do exactly what you want and tailor it completely to the needs of your customers and the tone of voice of your company.

  • Easy to use drag & drop system

    With the simple drag-and-drop system, you decide whether the chatbot sends text, images or a PDF. Choose which actions your customer replies with and your chatbot is live in no-time!

  • Create endless branches

    Decide on the structure of the dialogues yourself and make them as complex as your company needs. Use endless branches in conversations and make sure your customers always get the correct answers to their questions.

  • Always keep an overview

    Use our TubeMap to keep an easy overview when building complex dialogues. Even with more than a hundred branches in a dialogue, you can easily jump to the correct spot in the dialogue and continue working.

chatbot builderchatbot builderchatbot builder
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“Chatbot Loggi currently completes approximately 650 conversations per month. 70% of these conversations do not involve a human agent at all. That’s a savings of 37 work hours per month!“

- Logistiekconcurrent

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What people ask us:

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Why should we use Watermelon?

Good question. Watermelon is a specialist in the building and management of chatbots. Alternatives are more general tools that typically allow you to automate only a fraction of your customer service messages. When a chatbot is too generic, it often has a negative impact on the customer experience. With Watermelon, we guarantee your chatbot does exactly what your customers need it to do.

Does Watermelon use artificial intelligence?

Yes. We have developed our own artificial intelligence that is tailored to the platform. That means all the knowledge that’s added is enriched by AI to successfully interpret the intent of the customer’s question.

Do you offer help implementing the Watermelon platform?

Of course! Our Customer Onboarding Specialist will support you in building and implementing your chatbot, aligning to best practices and providing feedback on your chatbot before it goes live.
Read more about the onboarding process.

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A good test is half the work

Thoroughly test before your chatbot sees the light of day

It is important to test your dialogues well before your chatbot sees the light of day. Use our built-in tester to test your dialogues thoroughly. Check that your chatbot works as you envisioned, before your customers chat with it.

Build a chatbot in minutes with our easy-to-use chatbot builder

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