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Give your customers the opportunity to view their order and payment status directly with Watermelon's Mollie integration.

Watermelon Mollie integratie

Integrate your order system

Do you spend a lot of time answering recurring questions about the status of orders? Automate this completely with the Mollie integration. Build chatbot conversations that help your customers view their order and payment status. Your team can also view this information directly from Watermelon and has the option to easily send a payment link. Your customer is successfully helped and you save time on recurring questions with the Mollie integration.

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Connect all your contact channels

Be ready to answer your customers wherever they are. Discover your customers’ favorite channels from Watermelon analytics and increase your availability.

Work together as a team in one platform

Connect your chatbot with your internal systems

Watermelon’s APIs make it possible to have your chatbot leverage information that’s outside of the ecosystem. The Watermelon API is a bridge, ensuring information flows between platforms quickly, safely and accurately. The chatbot consults the backend data for the information required, without slowing down or interrupting processes. Give your chatbot the opportunity to provide the best experience for customers by enabling access to databases and tools.

  • Provide order status information

  • Plan appointments

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