Using Telegram for Business

How to use Telegram for business

More and more companies are using up to date communication tools. Especially younger generations use email less often, preferring chat apps on their mobile phones instead. Although Telegram still has some work to do if they want to become as popular as WhatsApp, more people see the advantage of Telegram every day. The possibilities Telegram offers as a corporate tool are growing.

Using Telegram for Business

Use Telegram for your customer contact

When a customer wants to order an item from your webshop that’s sold out in their favourite colour, you can easily use Telegram to get in touch. Is a different colour an option? Or a similar item perhaps, in his or hers colour of choice? Telegram messages are usually read and replied to quickly. A lot of people check their chat apps more often than their email. That’s why it is a good idea to use a chat service like Telegram to communicate with customers. With the Watermelon Messenger dashboard it’s easier than ever to answer incoming queries. You can label and archive conversations, or easily forward them to a colleague. This way you can be sure that every question is answered quickly and you always stay on top of your customer service.

We advise you let your customers know you are using Telegram by stating it on your website.  Put the Telegram logo next to your contact details, and customers can tell straight away that they can contact you on Telegram. You’ll likely start to see people who are already using Telegram reach out. They’ll be able to find your business in no time. And because by using Telegram you keep your customers close, it will certainly work to your organisation’s advantage!   

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Customers using Telegram for business

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