Using Facebook Messenger for Business

How can I use Facebook for my company?

The Facebook chat service, Facebook Messenger, is used by nearly every Facebook user. You can also use it as a company to communicate with visitors on your Facebook page. Invite people to give feedback or let them ask questions about your products or services. Facebook Messenger is an informal, easy way for people to get in touch with your business. Facebook Messenger is very user friendly, because all messages are displayed in one easy overview, unlike email conversations, which can quickly turn messy.

Communicating through Facebook Messenger is quick and easy

When a customer asks a question on Facebook Messenger, you can respond straight away. No need to draft a formal mail, get right down to business and skip the formalities. This saves a lot of time. The person asking the question immediately gets notified when they’ve received a response. There is a downside – some people approach the chat a little too informally, not realising that you need to get back to work. On the other hand, enabling this kind of friendly contact with customers can be good for business. It stimulates goodwill and will likely result in your customers telling family and friends about your company, should they be looking for a product or service you offer.

To stay on top of your customer service, choose Watermelon Messenger. Watermelon lest you integrate multiple customer service channels in one user friendly dashboard. This includes Facebook Messenger, helping you use Facebook professionally and making it easy to answer every query. Apart from this Watermelon Messenger also lets you tag conversations, add notes, and work with several colleagues from the dashboard at the same time.

Using Facebook Messenger for Business

Customers using Facebook Messenger for business

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Questions about using Facebook Messenger for business?

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