Build a chatbot that scores.

Watermelon is the conversational all-in-one solution

Creating a chatbot is easy with Watermelon – our code free platform – makes you focus on what’s
necessary: the communication between your business and your customers.


Combine all your communication

Integrate all your customer service channels in one overview and let your customer decide on how to reach you.


Build a code-free chatbot with ease

Build your chatbot that understands the questions of your customers and helps a thousand customers day and night.


Easily integrate with every platform

Use our simple API’s or Webhooks to fetch data from every system to make the brain of your chatbot even smarter.


Watermelon is the most user friendly conversational platform

With Watermelon you can help your customers, gather leads or talk to your colleagues without to worry about the platform itself. We make sure you and your customer get the best experience.


  • Super easy to use, Watermelon has an intuitive dashboard where you can easily switch between building a chatbot and talking to your customers.
  • No coding required, to build a chatbot you won’t be needing any technical knowledge and you can just start create conversational flows.
  • Professional guidance, we won’t let you down. When you want a highly skilled chatbot we’re here for you to help you whenever, wherever.


Keep your data secure

The data that Watermelon collects in the platform about you is yours and will always be yours. As a data owner and customer you are the only one who has direct access to your data and will never be used by a third party. As Watermelon and our customer we’re both fully compliant to the GDPR by using Watermelon.

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