Why choose Watermelon?

Satisfied customers buy more

Watermelon  provides an overview of your customer service channels and allows you to save all your customer information in one place. Respond faster,  perform better, and work more efficiently.


It bundles all your channels in one overview

Watermelon aggregates all the messages from each channel in one overview. Receive and respond to customer questions in one place – no more switching between browser tabs. Increase customer satisfaction by responding even more quickly. 

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  “Watermelon solved our ‘customer service drama’. Now we get all messages in one place where we can work together as a team. It’s great!”

Petra Mensen, Service manager

Why choose Watermelon?
Why choose Watermelon?

It provides a 360 degree customer profile

Watermelon creates customer profiles for every customer that has contacted you. View previous conversations, a customer’s full contact details and any notes that have been added. Give your customers the feeling you care and prove you know their history. 

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 “As an IT organisation we receive many messages from the same customers. By using Watermelon we now have a conversation history and a project status at hand when a customer sends us a new message.”

Salim Hadri, CEO Milvum

Help your customers even when you can’t

Watermelon allows your to answer customer questions when you’re out of the office and over the weekend. Be available 24/7 with a chatbot that automatically answers questions. Make your customers even more happy about how you provide customer service. 

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 “Het feit dat ik ruim 85% van mijn klantenservice vragen kan automatiseren is ontzettend rustgevend. Ik weet gewoon dat mijn klanten goed geholpen worden zonder tussenkomst van één van mijn medewerkers”

Wimme Klaver, CEO StudyBuddy – Lees case

Why choose Watermelon?
Why choose Watermelon?

It optimises your internal communications

Watermelon makes sure your organisation’s internal communications run more smoothly. Both brand new and more experiences employees can turn to your chatbot for frequent questions and where to find relevant information. 

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 “For our Intranet we were looking for a user friendly tool to help our employees find specific information. Together with Watermelon, we launched IntraTim, which ended up being used by 47 organisations throughout the Netherlands.”

Timing – Read case

Desktop app Watermelon Messenger

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