Why Watermelon?

We work hard everyday at Watermelon on a platform that brings all customer contact in one single dashboard and automates those questions with a Chatbot But we like to take it even further for our customers That's why you choose Watermelon!

Why Watermelon?

Write content instead of code

We understand that not everyone is an engineer. You don’t need to write a single line of code in order to use our platform. Our platform is built so adding knowledge is totally text based. Building your own Chatbot has never been easier.

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Professional support

You’re never alone with Watermelon. We offer a dedicated customer success team that is always there for you! We want all of our customers to have the best possible Chatbot and we work together with them to achieve this goal. If you start using Watermelon, we love to drop by for a kick-off. During this kick-off, we will discuss your goals and we will make a start on the Chatbot.

Why Watermelon?
Why Watermelon?

Build your custom chatbot in five steps

You can launch your first Chatbot on your website in just five simple steps, that’s the power of Watermelon. Activate your Chatbot on your website and/or on your social media. You’ll create your Chatbot’s personality and tone of voice. Go live and start collecting data immediately.

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