Using WhatsApp as a Business Tool

WhatsApp no longer offered

At this time it is not yet possible to use WhatsApp with Watermelon Messenger. In 2015 we developed a system which offered the possibility of integrating WhatsApp, but because an official API had not yet been released the functionality left a lot to be desired. Until WhatsApp releases its official API, it won’t be possible to use WhatsApp via Watermelon Messenger.

WhatsApp for Business

Using WhatsApp for business can be exiting and challenging! Are you planning to use it for complaints, exploring internal possibilities, or would you rather use it as a marketing tool? The number of WhatsApp users in the Netherlands is steadily increasing. In 2016, WhatsApp already had over 10 million Dutch users. This makes WhatsApp the biggest social media platform in the Netherlands alone. Businesses can no longer afford to ignore WhatsApp. A growing number of (potential) customers wishes to contact your business in the most convenient way. WhatsApp can help, because sending a message is a matter of seconds! 

Until recently, using WhatsApp for business purposes was quite tricky. Nowadays there’s all kinds of possibilities when it comes to corporate WhatsApp use. A WhatsApp dashboard tailored for corporate use makes it easy to answer customer queries. This can make WhatsApp an ideal extension of your customer service. An added benefit is the speed with which queries can be handled through WhatsApp. WhatsApp messages are typically brief and to the point, leading to faster response times. 

Using WhatsApp as a Business Tool
Using WhatsApp as a Business Tool

The benefits of WhatsApp for business

There’s lots of benefits to using WhatsApp for your business. And thanks to existing software for corporate WhatsApp use, it’s no longer necessary to keep a mobile phone handy. Questions simply come in through the software and can be answered directly from your browser. Here’s some of the benefits of WhatsApp corporate software:

  • The possibility of using the same system with multiple colleagues;
  • Tagging conversations;
  • Archiving conversations;
  • Easily sending images and videos;
  • Forwarding conversations to other departments;
  • Receiving notifications for incoming messages;
  • Marking conversations as closed.

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Getting started

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Learn more about WhatsApp for business?

Are you curious about the possibilities of using WhatsApp for business? We’re happy to answer your questions and provide you with any information you need!  

Unfortunately, at this time it isn’t possible to use WhatsApp for your business through Watermelon Messenger. As soon as WhatsApp’s official API is released, we’ll be integrating WhatsApp with Watermelon Messenger. 

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