What is a Chatbot?

Consider a Chatbot to be a virtual employee. It helps you to answer incoming inquiries from customers and can generate leads. The word ‘Chatbot’ is a portmanteau of the words ‘chat’ and ‘robot’. A Chatbot uses a database of knowledge in order to understand relevant questions and to provide the correct answers.

What are the advantages of using a Chatbot?

Offload work from your team

Using a Chatbot has several advantages. Firstly, a Chatbot offloads a considerable amount of (repetitive) work from your customer service team. An optimised Chatbot can automate up to 85% of frequently asked questions. This allows customer service employees to spend more time helping other customers with more specific, unique or complex inquiries.

Be reachable 24/7

Using a Chatbot makes your business reachable 24/7. A Chatbot doesn’t have a morning commute, doesn’t take vacation and never takes a sick day. In the past, offering 24/7 availability meant paying an arm and a leg in staffing overhead. Using a Chatbot makes it easy to increase your availability without the steep financial costs.

Eliminate queues and hold times

Do your customers need to wait for a response from you? A Chatbot makes hold music a thing of the past. A Chatbot can hold an infinite number of conversations at the same time, driving the response time down to virtually 0 seconds. Over time your other contact channels will be less busy, especially if you drive traffic towards your chatbot. Your Chatbot can handle a lot! This will reduce waiting times on the phone and on email, allowing you to help more customers in less time.

What is a chatbot?
What is a chatbot?

How does a Chatbot work?

There are many kinds of Chatbots out there. The Watermelon Chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence. You might hear this term a lot, but what does it mean in this case?

What is artificial intelligence?

An artificially intelligent Chatbot can formulate the correct answer to a question by considering its database of questions to find a suitable answer. The Chatbot needs to reach a specific level of confidence in order to provide an answer. The Watermelon Chatbot uses an 80% level of confidence. If the Chatbot doesn’t know the answer, a human agent can seamlessly take over the conversation where the Chatbot left off. The Chatbot also uses artificial intelligence to present the questions it didn’t understand and make it easy for you to teach it the answers. This is known as machine learning.

A personal touch, with a Chatbot

Often people think that using a Chatbot makes the conversations impersonal or cold. This is totally not the case! The Watermelon platform makes it easy to transform a boring Chatbot into a virtual employee with a big personality. Make your Chatbot good at small talk by giving it answers to where it comes from, how old it is, if it’s in a relationship, et cetera. Giving your Chatbot a specific tone of voice also adds a lot to its virtual personality. Make your Chatbot an ambassador of your brand. If your target group is on the younger side, don’t make your Chatbot too serious. If your target group is very business-oriented, give it a very professional tone of voice. The possibilities are endless!

What is a chatbot?

Examples of Chatbots

The number of ways to use Chatbots continues to grow. Most of times the main goal is to provide information, but the possibilities are endless! Chatbots can also be used to stimulate sales, to give inspiration and for gamification.


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    Did you know you can stimulate sales with a Chatbot? Allow your Chatbot to make recommendations based on what your customer is looking for. You can also stimulate sales with your Chatbot on Facebook Messenger. The sales cycle begins where your customers already are. Bring them in one click to your website where they can complete their purchase.

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    You don’t need to use your Chatbot to drive conversions or answer frequently asked questions. Interaction with a Chatbot can also have an added value for your customers when it comes to discovery of the world of your brand. Think of Chatbots that can share recipes, or inspiration from interior design trends, or the latest celebrity news…

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    Gamifying your Chatbot is a fun way to engage with your target group in a very interactive way. Use your Chatbot to test your customers with a quiz or a poll.

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