Watermelon channels

Watermelon Channels

Watermelon is the customer service solution that brings all your company’s customer contact channels together in one easy-to-use dashboard. Here are some of the benefits of integrating your channels in Watermelon:

  • Never miss a message by bringing all chats together in a single overview
  • Install an online chatbot on your chat channels and automate 85% of your frequently asked questions
  • Increase your customer engagement
  • Reach your customers through the channels they prefer to use


Watermelon channels
Watermelon channels

Social Media

Watermelon makes it easy to centralize your social media accounts, so all incoming social media chats can be handled in one place. This means that instead of keeping tabs on a range of social media sites, you need only check Watermelon. Watermelon is easily linked to Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Telegram Messenger, and will soon be available to use with WhatsApp! What’s more, the Watermelon chatbot can be installed on all of these channels. This lets you radically increase the accessibility of your customer service by being available to help your customers 24/7.


Every company looks for ways to increase customer engagement. With Watermelon’s CXhub, it’s easy to start talking to your website’s visitors! CXhub is a feature that enables you to add a chat window to your company’s website, but that’s not all. The chat window offers customers a simple and approachable way to submit questions both to your chatbot and customer service representative, making sure they get the answer they need as fast as possible, at whatever time they need it. CXhub is the perfect tool if you are looking to minimize your telephone calls and e-mails. It lets you help customers more efficiently without compromising on quality. A win-win!

Watermelon channels
Watermelon channels


Watermelon can also be linked to more traditional channels, such as e-mail. This means you trade your inbox for the Watermelon dashboard. Your e-mails, together with all other chats, are gathered in one central inbox. Unlike with other channels however, you cannot use a chatbot to take care of e-mail conversations.

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