Unified Customer Profile

Optimize the workflows of your customer service department and give your customers the ultimate experience with Watermelon's integrated CRM.


An all-inclusive CRM with Watermelon

Find out who your customer is exactly and what they truly need from your customer service. Improve your service with the day!

The following companies already build up their unified customer profile:


Know the person behind website #8494

The time of not knowing who entered your website is over. With Watermelon you can truly get to know your customer with automated questions. Your chatbot will make sure to find out who your customer is. Don’t save any time anymore on asking your customers the same questions every time.

Product: Unified customer profile
Product: Unified customer profile


Create a 360º customer profile

Fill Watermelon’s CRM or your own CRM with the right information. Let your chatbot gather information by asking questions. You decide which information is needed from every customer, this is completely customizable. Create your own unified customer profile!

“The convenient thing about a Chatbot as opposed to a customer service employee is that you can keep track of what each visitor does and when they do it.”

Julie Choenni,  Online campaign manager at Hunter Douglas

Build up your customer profile with these handy features

Custom Fields

Create Custom Fields and let your chatbot fill in the information in your CRM and add these fields to exciting conversation flows.


Provide your contacts with different tags, like ‘solved’ or ‘not solved’. You can sort your customers and you know how to help them in the best way.


Create a great collaboration between your team members with notes. Leave a note about a customer to improve your teamwork and service.


Know every step of their journey

With every conversation, you immediately see all previous steps taken by your customer. When and through which channel they communicated with you and what was discussed. Know what they need and give them a fast and ultimate experience.

“The sales employee can then see which route the prospective customer has taken and which information he or she may be interested in.”

Julie Choenni,  Online campaign manager at Hunter Douglas

Product: Unified customer profile
Product: Unified customer profile


Provide a leading personalized service

Your chatbot will truly get to know your customers, which means more personalized customer service. With Custom Fields you can add, for example, your customer’s name in your automated conversation flows. Your customer will now receive a personal service, even with a chatbot!

Create a smooth customer service, for your customers and team

Personal service

Create a bond with all of your customers and offer them the service they crave.


Gather the right information completely automated to complement your CRM.

Improve workflows

Keep all your team members up-to-date and work more efficient.

Do you want to build up a unified customer profile?

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