Team Management

You don’t often operate a customer service department alone. The team at Watermelon Messenger understands the need to work simultaneously with multiple colleagues in one dashboard. What happens when someone’s unexpectedly not in the office? Does that person have any open or ongoing conversations?

Besides collaborating on customer contact, employee can see their own statistics and admins can see statistics for all employees, tags and overall statistics for the entire organization. Watermelon Messenger is the ultimate way to optimize your customer service team’s performance. Read on to discover all the features of team management.

Internal chat Coming-soon-groot

Internal chat allows colleagues to discuss the best solution, or the latest update on a specific case or customer. The internal chat within the Watermelon Messenger dashboard makes it possible to quickly and easily communicate with your colleagues.

The dashboard supports both one-on-one internal chats and group chats. All the users of your Watermelon Messenger account are part of this group chat. Is there a change in how a specific issue or question should be solved or answered? Add it to the group chat and everyone’s immediately informed.

In the future we’ll make it possible for colleagues to create their own group chats with select employees. Are several team members working together on a specific topic? Add these employees to one group and avoid that others receive unnecessary information. Internal group chats with specific employees help to keep information exchange relevant for everyone.

Team Management
Team Management

Forward conversations

Work together on a conversation in the system by forwarding it to someone else. Maybe you don’t know an answer, but your colleague is an expert on a specific topic. Easily forward the conversation to that colleague so the customer can be helped quickly. The moment you forward a conversation, it disappears from your personal conversation overview. The conversation appears immediately in the My conversations tab for that colleague; he or she can see what’s already been said and continue chatting to answer the customer’s question.

The customer doesn’t need to wait on hold to be transferred, and doesn’t need to email another department – he or she just stays in the same conversation! We advise you of course to inform the customer about the fact that he or she is being transferred to another colleague, but you can decide if that’s something you want to do, too.

All conversations

Is one of your colleagues unexpectedly sick, but you don’t know if he or she still has open conversations? Not a problem: the admin can see all open conversations from the All Conversations tab. The admin can easily pick up these conversations or forward one or more to other colleagues.

There’ll never be an unanswered conversation again – despite the absence of a customer service team member, all customers can still be helped efficiently.

Team Management
Team Management

Access rights

The dashboard has two different levels of access rights: administrators and support employees. Admins can set up and edit the settings for the entire dashboard – create new users, add new channels, and view all conversation overviews and statistics. Support employees can pick up new messages, and forward and complete conversations, but they can only see their own statistics.

Admins are also responsible for setting up and training the chatbot. The support employees can test the chatbot to see if it gives correct answers, but only admins can provide the chatbot with a personality and teach it what it needs to say and when.

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