Step into the future of customer service

Stop keeping track of multiple tools to manage your customer contact. Centralize all your channels and workflows in one clear platform. Even automate your service with a no-coding conversational assistant!

Build a code-free conversational assistant

Automate your customer service up to 85% with a conversational assistant. No programming knowledge needed!

Increase your availability to 24/7

Be available day and night for your customers. Always provide them an immediate answer.


Save time with automated conversations

Easily build your own conversational assistant and automate your online customer contact. With the Webhook you can even automate questions like ‘What is the status of my order?’. Retrieve the right information from your own systems or integrate your favorite tools. Reduce mails & calls and improve your workflows, thus saving service costs!

“We expected Kees to be able to take care of 15-20% of customer inquiries, but now, he got that up to 80%!

Marcel van Loon, CEO at Ticketpoint

Campaign: Future Arrival
Campaign: Future Arrival


Be available whenever

Centralize all your online customer contact within one user-friendly dashboard. Add any social messaging channel your customers prefer and truly be of service to all your customers. Stop keeping track of multiple dashboards and tools, and perfect your workflows with one platform.


Work together seamlessly

Collaborate as a true team. Let specific questions be handled by certain teams and easily forward any question to a colleague or team. With the automated hand-over from conversational assistant to live-agent, your customer is always helped the right way. Create a 360º customer profile together within the all-inclusive integrated CRM.

“Thanks to the automated hand-over Chatbot Awair has already requested the right information of our customers. I can then help the customer even faster and better “

Inge Toemen, Office manager at DUUX

Campaign: Future Arrival
Campaign: Future Arrival


Rise to the top

Steer on data instead of gut feeling. Use the Advanced Statistics to your advantage and set goals for your conversational assistant and live-agents. Educate your team about possible improvements using concise and clear numbers. Discover trends and peaks and find out the needs of your customers.

“With Watermelon we have one centralized place where we can analyze how our conversations are going and what type of questions are often asked. “

Ryan Wagijo, Project manager at Willems

Create your own gateway to the future of customer service

Start bringing your own conversational assistant to life within five easy steps. Add it to all the channels your customers use and your new conversational assistant will do your work. Provide your customers with an immediate answer day and night!

“Watermelon’s interface was clear straight away, we were live within two days!”

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Jortijn Bijl – Senior marketing manager


Add a conversational assistant to your team

Higher customer satisfaction

Improve your customers’ satisfaction by anticipation to their needs.

More revenue

More happy customers will generate higher sales.

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