To improve your customer service department, you need to be able to see how your department is doing. The statistics offer an overview of the most recent scores.  Check out the overall statistics or review statistics for individual representatives, tags, and your own statistics to get a better picture of your team’s performance. 

What is the average response time for messages? Which are the most popular channels and who handles the most conversations per day? All of this information is important to optimising your customer service department’s performance. Here, you’ll find all you need to know about working with statistics in Watermelon Messenger! 

Overall statistics Coming-soon-groot

Overall statistics include an overview of the average response time and the average duration of a conversation for all users. You can also see how many customers have been helped this week, this month and in total. You’ll see an overview of the number of messages that have been sent and received, and you can see how many queries come in on each of your channels. 

You’ll also find a visual representation of the number of messages received each day. This way, you can tell which are peak days, when you need to have more employees on the job to make sure you help all your customers quickly. There’s also an overview of the top 3 employees, representatives who’ve helped the most customers of anyone in your team. Overall statistics can only be viewed by an administrator.


Colleagues Coming-soon-groot

Colleague statistics let you review the scores of individual colleagues. It’s easy to look up a specific colleague using the search bar. What is your colleague’s average response time, the average duration of a conversation and how many customers has your colleague helped the last week, month, and in total? All this info can be found in the overview.

By comparing this data with the overall statistics, you can get a better idea of your colleague’s performance compared with the rest of the team. Colleague statistics can only be viewed by an administrator.  

My statistics Coming-soon-groot

Curious about your own performance? My statistics let you see how many customers you’ve helped, what your response times are and how many messages you have already sent and received. This way, it’s easy to compare your own work with that of the rest of the team or with your performance during different time periods. This gives you a good idea of your strong points and points of improvement. 

These personal statistics can be viewed by every dashboard user. This way, everyone can review their own scores and check to see if their performance is improving.  


Tags statistics Coming-soon-groot

How often are different tags used? Select a time period for which you want to see information and analyse tag use to see which are the most popular tags. Is a specific tag used more often than others? Maybe you can make it more specific by splitting it up and specifying related subjects. This will help you get an even better idea of the kind of questions customers are asking. Reviewing tag use also tells you which areas of your organisation require improvement. 

These statistics can only be viewed by an administrator, to help them set the most relevant tags.  

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