Getting Started

An easy starter guide to Watermelon

Getting Started

Welcome to Watermelon! To help you get started and ensure you make the most of our system’s features, we’ve compiled a starter guide for you. 

Create an account

Imagine all your customer service communications managed from one easy-to-navigate dashboard. Look up any conversation in the archive and work with multiple colleagues at the same time to help your customers even faster. That’s what Watermelon Messenger is all about. 

Create an account by clicking the ‘Register’ or ‘Create Account’ buttons on our website. Signing up is simple, so you’ll be able to start answering your customers’ questions in no time. 

You can also create an account here. The registration process starts with entering your professional email address and password. The next step is to fill in the information of the company you wish to create an account for:


Once you’re done entering your company details, we need to know a little more about you in order to help you better when you contact us.   

During the last step we ask you whether you’d like to use our suggestion bot or chatbot technology. A suggestion bot helps you answer your customers’ questions, and a chatbot allows you to automate a large part of your customer service. After this, click ‘register’ and you’ll receive a confirmation email.


Choose your plan

Creating an account means you automatically sign up for our Sapling plan. This gives you free access to our software. This plan allows you to create up to ten users and add ten channels. If you’d like to add extra channels or create more users, you can always upgrade to another plan. 

Are you an SME using about five social channels, our Vegetable Garden Plan usually offers all you need.  But if you’d like access to additional features like the Multi Company switch,  your best option is probably our Greenhouse Plan. 

For large organisations we offer the Enterprise Plan. This lets you add an unlimited number of channels, receive conversations, use your account with an unlimited number of users, and more. 


We also recommend you download our mobile app, which notifies you of incoming messages and lets you respond to urgent questions even outside office hours and during weekends.  From Q4 2017 the app will be available for Android, iOS en Windows phones. Check out the apps here

Add social channels

The first time you log in, you’ll need to add your social channels. Add your Facebook Messenger account and your email account by clicking the blue button on the screen.  Enter your details for the service in question. When you’ve succesfully connected to your channel, your conversations should appear on the dashboard automatically. 


Create additional users

Most likely you’ll want to use Watermelon with several colleagues at once. That’s why the system allows you to create multiple users. This is done by going to ‘Settings’ and clicking ‘Create/Edit Users’. Once you’ve created a new user, he or she receives a confirmation email. 


The dashboard

All conversations with customers are listed in one overview. This way, you always know how many conversations are ongoing and how many you’ve already taken care of. Incoming messages are listed under New conversations. These messages can be read by you and your colleagues, but you can’t answer them yet. By clicking the text bar, you can assign yourself a conversation and start typing. The conversation will then be moved to My conversations. All of your personal conversations are listed under this heading. As soon as a conversation is finished, you can archive it to make sure it is saved for future reference. 

Under All Conversations you’ll find an overview of incoming conversations as well as already assigned conversations with the user they’re assigned to. Please note: to access the overview, you need to be an admin! 


The dashboard also shows you which channel a conversation comes in on. This can be seen from the logo displayed next to the customer’s profile picture. You can also view the customer’s available contact details in the overview next to the conversation.  This means you always have relevant background information at your fingertips. 

Apart from conversations with customers, we’re working on giving you the option of an internal chat with your colleagues. At the top of the dashboard we’ll add the heading Internal conversations, where you’ll be able to confer with your colleagues about ongoing conversations. 


If you’re unable to answer a question yourself, you have the option to forward a conversation to a colleague. Go to Options at the top of the conversation screen. Then select To colleague and select the colleague you want to forward the conversation to. 

Talking to customers in Watermelon Messenger is a piece of cake. But do take care not to press enter after every couple of words to prevent your customer from being flooded with notifications. This is important to maintain the quality of your conversations. 


For the moment, Watermelon offers only a limited number of settings. At this time, settings allow you to add channels to the system, review payments and create or edit users.  In the near future, this is where you’ll be able to set notifications and quick replies. Also, this is where you can start configuring your chatbot.


Upload files

It’s easy to upload files from the conversation overview, should you want to send your customer a video, image or other file. 

    • Click the icon for video, image or file in the text bar;

    • Select a file from the folder that pops up on your computer;

    • Press enter and your file will be automatically sent to your customer.



Watermelon fully supports the use of Emoji’s. We love them, and so do your customers. Use an emoji by clicking it. We offer a variety of emoji styles and types, scroll to view them all! 😀


We all lose stuff now and then, which is why in Watermelon Messenger we’ve added a Search option. Search your contacts, archive and current conversations by word, sentence or name. It’s also easy to find files you’ve sent or received.

Every file you’ve sent or received is saved to the Watermelon database and directly added to the search option at the top of the screen.  All files are 100% securely stored. No one else can access them but you. 


Get this starter guide in PDF? Download it by clicking the button! 

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You’re all set to start using Watermelon!

Creat an account by entering your email address:

Do you have other questions about Watermelon? Let me help out! Give me a call on +31 (0)30 291 99 55.
Ilse Wijnen -Watermelon