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Create a better customer service, save time and let your business grow with our all-in-one conversational platform

More happy customers from day one

Grow your business by being truly approachable for all your customers and prospects

  • Create a better customer experience by being there for your customers wherever, whenever

  • More leads, more customers, more revenue with an upgraded website
  • Automate workflows and work more efficient

“Watermelon made it very easy to build my own chatbot and they offer a great service”


Hoessein Basaidi – Accounting and Reporting



Be where your customers are

Centralize and automate your customer contact and be where your customers are anywhere, anytime. Gain more customers and keep them engaged with an amazing customer experience!

SMB Solution
SMB Solution


Focus on your entrepreneurship once again

Your code-free chatbot will take care of your customers 24/7. Guide them directly to the conversion point or anywhere else they want to go. Turn every conversation into a successful conversion!


Upgrade your business

Improve your workflows and content by truly getting to know your customers. Work in the most efficient way, save money and give your business the boost it needs to grow.

SMB Solution

Code-free conversational builder

Build your own chatbot with our code-free conversational builder. Start to improve your customer service and generate leads with automated conversations.

Centralize all customer contact

With Watermelon, you can centralize all your online conversations. Add Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter and Gmail. Work most efficiently!

Automated hand-over

The chatbot conversations can be handed over automatically to a live-agent when needed, thanks to Watermelon's hybrid model.
SMB Solution

“We are now available for our customers 24/7. Chatbot Lilly solves this problem for us and in doing that, she’s a valuable addition to our team!”

  • 80% marketing related questions and 20% customer service related questions
  • 5 leads each week
  • Thanks to an integration with their CRM, sales agents know exactly which route the website visitor took

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