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With Watermelon's all-in-one conversational platform your customers will get the service they need and deserve



Ticketpoint automated 80% of their customer contact with their chatbot


Luba’s chatbot generates 10 leads every week


Every day, BKR’s chatbot has at least 300 conversations


Start the conversation that customers will remember

Automate your online conversations and work in the most efficient way with Watermelon


  • Create a better customer experience by being there for your customers wherever, whenever

  • More leads, more customers, more revenue with an upgraded website
  • Automate your customer service and optimize workflows


We could provide and manage digital contact with our customers while staying personal”

Maureen van den Bergh – Senior Customer Contact Center


Build a code-free AI Chatbot

Your customer contact will be fully automated on your website and your favorite social media channels. Work in the most efficient way and save a lot of time and money.

“Over the first weekend, the chatbot successfully completed over 1600 conversations.”

Maureen van den Bergh, Senior Lead Customer Contact Center at BKR

Mid-market solution
Mid-market solution


Create the best customer experience

Create the ultimate customer experience and be where your customers anywhere, anytime. Your customers will finally get the experience they crave!


Upgrade your website

Give your website a new dimension with conversations. Truly get to know the face behind website visitor #8593. Always be on top of your game with Watermelon!
Clients contact you for the most simple questions, even if the answers are already on your site. Chatbot Kees now refers customers to the correct information.

Marcel van Loon, CEO at Ticketpoint

Mid-market solution
Mid-market solution


Work together, seamless.

Centralize all your online conversations and work together effortlessly with your team and chatbot. With Watermelon’s hybrid model and automated chatbot handover, your team will save a huge amount of time.
“The Chatbot supports the Commercial Team perfectly. When it encounters two unknown questions, the chat will automatically be forwarded to an available employee.”

Jortijn Bijl, Senior Marketing Manager at AFAS Software

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor afas software logo

Code-free conversational builder

Build automated conversation flows for your chatbot. Your digital colleague can be live on your website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and Twitter with 5 easy steps. Create the most efficient customer service department that will help you grow.

Hyper-personalized chats

Truly get to know your website visitors and customers. Be sure to know the complete history of every website visitor and give them the ultimate experience day ánd night!

Inclusive CRM with Custom fields

All the information you need from your customer or website visitor will be automatically asked by your chatbot ánd filled in the CRM. Any time someone starts a conversation, all the previous conversations are immediately at your disposal.
Mid-market solution

“While reducing the workload within the customer service department, weekends also became a lot more enjoyable with Kees.”

  • Live within 3 weeks
  • 85% of all customers does not need a human agent
  • Available 24/7 

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