Automate your customer service

With Watermelon's all-in-one conversational platform your customers will get the service they need and deserve


Create the ultimate customer experience in the most efficient way

Your customer service department will function in the most efficient way with automated conversations.


  • Create a better customer experience by being there for your customers wherever, whenever

  • More leads, more customers, more revenue with an upgraded website
  • Optimize workflows and create more happiness within your company

Watermelon’s interface was clear straight away, we were live within two days!

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Jortijn Bijl – Senior Marketing Manager




Reply within seconds, anytime, anywhere

Build your own AI chatbot without the need to code. Reduce mails & calls and save time and extra man-power with automated conversations.
“What I find most important is that we are now reachable 24 hours per day on our website. That’s of the utmost importance if you want to remain competitive in the field of e-commerce.”

Julie Choenni,  Online campaign manager at Hunter Douglas



One to replace all. For today, for forever!

Centralize all your online customer contact from your favorite channels in one intuitive dashboard. Be truly there for your customers and add any channel you like with Watermelon’s open API.
“We don’t have to keep track of so many different apps. The Chatbot supports the Commercial Team perfectly.”

Jortijn Bijl, Senior marketing manager at AFAS Software

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Automate customer contact

Optimize the workflows of your team with a code-free AI chatbot. Besides automating your online contact, every customer’s journey is logged in Watermelon’s all including CRM.
“We could provide and manage digital contact with our customers, still staying personal and acting as consultants. That’s exactly what we wanted!”

Maureen van den Bergh, Customer contact employee at BKR



Work together, seamless.

Centralize all your online conversations and work together effortlessly with your team and chatbot. With Watermelon’s hybrid model and automated chatbot handover, your team will save a huge amount of time.
“The Chatbot supports the Commercial Team perfectly. When it encounters two unknown questions, the chat will automatically be forwarded to an available employee.”

Jortijn Bijl, Senior Marketing Manager at AFAS Software

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AI Chatbot

Build your own chatbot with our user-friendly conversational builder without the need to code! Automate your online conversations. Automate your online conversations and save time.

Next level automation

Use the webhook module for next-level automation. Your chatbot will be able to put and pull information from any database. Give your customers the right and personal information without human intervention.

Work as a team

Let your chatbot work together flawless with your live agents with Watermelon's hybrid model. Choose your different teams and forward questions automatically to a set team.

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“We don’t have to keep track of many different apps. The chatbot supports the Commercial Team perfectly.”

  • Chatbots helps out the Commercial and Support team 
  • Jobseekers can contact AFAS through WhatsApp
  • Chatbot Nicol@ was live within two days!

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