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We’re here to offer your customers the ultimate experience. You’re not alone and we’ll help you make your Watermelon implementation successful with a hands-on onboarding process and Customer Success trajectory. The experts on our team are here for your company. Service & Support

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Customer onboarding Watermelon

Go live successfully

With platform expertise, cutting-edge chatbot knowledge and steeped in theories of conversational design, our team of Customer Onboarding specialists ensure every go-live of a Watermelon chatbot is a successful one.

Set goals

Hands-on training sessions

Dedicated Onboarding specialist

Working together

We charted phases for building your chatbot - you’ll be live in 60 days or less. Your Onboarding Specialist supports you every step of the way.

Step 1: Set goals during the Kick-off

The Kick-off session helps you set goals for your chatbot, determine a suitable personality and get started with designing conversations. Your dedicated Onboarding Specialist gives you handy tools to start building your digital colleague.

Step 2: Building can begin

The blueprint for your chatbot has been created and now it’s time to bring your digital colleague to life. After hands-on TRAINING sessions from your Onboarding Specialist, you’re ready to get started. Ask questions whenever you need to and consult self-service resources where necessary.

Step 3: Testing, 1 2 3

You’re almost ready to go live! Your Onboarding Specialist will share a personal testing plan to ensure you’re ready for the big moment!

Step 4: Time to publish!

Your new digital colleague is ready for the world to see. After checking all the boxes on the go-live checklist, you can activate your chatbot on all the channels of your choice. Looking for extra publicity with the go-live? Your Onboarding Specialist can help you there too!

2 months

and your chatbot is live


conversations built

7 million

happy customers helped

Customer onboarding Watermelon

You’re not alone!

Your dedicated Onboarding Specialist is easy to keep in touch with on a variety of channels. Send an email, Slack or chat message and your questions are answered directly. Need even more support for your team? We can also provide custom training solutions.

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PlaceholderLogo of the municipality of Oss
  • 90.000 civilians supported
  • Civil panel enthusiastic

The municipality of Oss makes big steps towards innovation in a short duration. Not only are over 900 citizens enthusiastic about the recent innovations, the employees of the municipality are also keen to work in their new work environment.

PlaceholderLogo of AFAS Software
  • Live within two days
  • Customer contact automated on WhatsApp

Chatbot Nicole supports the Commercial Team at AFAS by automating customer contact and generating leads. A quick implementation ensured quite a few new insights in AFAS’ customer contact.

PlaceholderLogo of Hunter Douglas
  • 5 leads a week thanks to chatbot Lilly
  • CRM system integrated with the chatbot

Chatbot Lilly supports website visitors by matching up them with the right products and dealers. By interlinking the CRM system of Luxaflex® with chatbot Lilly, the Sales department gets to work as efficiently as possible.

PlaceholderLogo of BKR
  • 300 chatbot conversations a day
  • 75 percent of conversations are directly handled by the chatbot

BKR drives the road of digitalisation by implementing their customer service chatbot. The chatbot handles all FAQ’s while staying personal.

PlaceholderLogo of Lab21
  • Thanks to the chatbot, Lab21 saves 60 service hours a month
  • 90 percent of customer queries are handled by the chatbot

Thanks to chatbot Floor, there is faster and better communication between Lab21 and their customers. Goals and achievements are being monitored thanks to extensive statistics. Thanks to chatbot Floor it’s a win-win!

PlaceholderLogo of Nummereen
  • Customer service via WhatsApp
  • 70 percent directly handled by the chatbot

Besides offering the best service on the website of Nummereen, chatbot Robin also handles customer queries on WhatsApp! No query is left unseen and Nummereen is completely ready for the future!

Read all success stories

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