Refund Policy

Trial version

In the trial version you can use Watermelon with 1 channel and up to 2 colleagues. This account is valid as long as you do not purchase any additional features. It enables you to test Watermelon in your company’s operating environment and to become fully familiar with our product before proceeding to a paid account. A trial version does not require entering any payment details


Premium Account

If you decide to purchase a premium account, you need to indicate which plan you would like to use, how many employees will be using Watermelon and wether you would like to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. We will send your first invoice after you have provided and confirmed your details, by which point – if you have not paid yet – you will have 14 days to pay the invoice. In the meantime you can start using Watermelon Messenger. This policy is exactly the same for all our customers. We do not offer a refund on payments that are already being processed, and you are responsible for any payments concerning your premium account. 


Stop Using Watermelon Messenger 

You can terminate your paid account at any time using the ‘payment details’ tab. After deleting your account access to the system will be denied immediately. Previously made payments will be lost and will not be refunded. 

For more information about our service, we recommend you read our Privacy Policy and  General Conditions.

Please contact us for any further information.