Real Time Analytics

Truly get to know your customers and which steps they take with Watermelon. Improve your workflows and create higher customer satisfaction.

Be smart with your customer service

Just like in any other field within customer service numbers truly tell the tale. Gather the right data to improve your workflows and find out about your customer’s desires. Improve your service with each passing day. 

These companies already improve their workflows thanks to Watermelon:


Create your own dashboard

Decide for yourself which statistics are important for you and customize it to your likings. Track the right performances and improve your customer service.

Product: Real time analytics
Product: Real time analytics


Know your performance

Track the performance of your chatbot and live-agents, know exactly what their pick-up time and handling time is. Create the best service team you ever had!


Be there in the right place

With Watermelon, you know which channels your customers prefer best. Know how to improve the content on these channels according to the statistics.

Product: Real time analytics
Product: Real time analytics


Always an answer, even during peak hours

Get to know what your peak hours are and improve your workflows accordingly. Besides the chatbot you could decide to add more live-agents for certain hours.


Inform your colleagues

Give your team and other colleagues the right insights of the chatbot and live-agent performances with an export of the statistics. Anybody can reach the right information with these statistics.

Product: Real time analytics

Improve workflows and get higher customer satisfaction

Track chatbot performance

Get to know exactly how your chatbot performs and improve your digital colleague accordingly.

Save service costs

Know exactly when your customers need you and where and improve your workflows. Save a lot of service costs.

Discover trends and peaks

Change your chatbot according to the trends and peaks and automate even more of your customer contact!

Do you want to improve your customer service?

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