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Collect valuable data about your customer’s journey with Watermelon, and improve your efficiency every day. Monitor your team, pivot where needed and improve customer satisfaction, too.

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Choose an intelligent customer service tool

Measurable results

Create a 360º customer profile

Uncover trends and peak moments

Calculate your savings

Get continuous support from chatbot experts

Your data is yours


Get insights from customer contact data

Guide your team with the right choices

Easily export the statistics that are important for you and use this to help your colleagues improve. Learn from data, and get better with each passing day.


Decide which metrics are important to you

Create your own dashboard

Improve your customer service by collecting the right data. Decide which metrics and KPIs are important to you and make them visible in the way you best understand them.

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Discover your best channels

Increase your availability where your customers need you

Watermelon allows you to understand where you customers are, and thus where you need to be active. Understand how to improve on these channels with detailed statistics on performance.

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Work efficiently

Always a quick response, even during peak hours

Watermelon tells you when your peak hours are. Activate your chatbot during peak moments and improve your availability.

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