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Make customer service easy; start a conversation with your customer. Your employees can communicate real time with your website visitors!

Watermelon live chat

The live chat solution for your team

Surprise and delight newcomers

Convert website visitors

Centralize all communication channels

Manage all expectations

Be where your customers are

Deliver a personal experience

Optimize your workflows

Decrease your wait times with faster service

    Answering emails and phone calls can be a time vampire. A live chat on your website and your most used channels can help get your customers the answers they’re seeking more quickly. A personal online chat provides your customers with an unforgettable positive experience.

  • Reduce your mail and calls

    Be ready and available to answer questions on the channels your customers use. Leverage the usability of social messaging apps and offer support at every step of the customer journey.

  • Collaborate efficiently

    In the central dashboard your team works together to create an unforgettable customer service experience. Pick up conversations, transfer them if needed and consult a complete customer profile. Tags and Notes allow your team to be aware of each customer’s history and needs so no customer question goes unanswered!

  • Personalize your service

    Create a unique customer profile, you determine which customer data is necessary. Add to that data by having employees add Tags and Notes to consult during a future conversation. The integrated analytics help to make your service better every day.

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Julie Choenni Hunter Douglas

“If you want to stay competitive in e-commerce, it’s very important to be available 24/7. That’s possible for us, with Watermelon!“

– Julie Choenni - Hunter Douglas

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Every customer a personal sales agent

Increase your sales with a proactive chat

    Watermelon means you’re not only available 24/7, you’re also available on the most popular channels.While your chatbot is on the front line answering frequently asked questions and routing customer service inquiries to the right team, your live agent team can be providing additional support on your website via live chat.

  • Convert your website visitor

    Greet your website visitors when they arrive for a personal approach, and they know you’re available for questions were they to come up. Support your customers at every stage of their journey.

  • Offer your website visitors the product they are looking for

    Improve the shopping experience of your website visitor and show them that you know what they are looking for. Boost your sales with a product recommendation at the right time!

  • Automate FAQ's

    Make the most of your customer service software with a chatbot. Build conversations and add your frequently asked questions with a chatbot - without writing a single line of code! With a chatbot you’re available 24/7 and future-proof!

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