Centralized customer profile

Create a 360° customer profile

Discover user behavior of your customers and understand how you can best play into their needs. Build out your CRM with valuable data and give your lead generation a boost.

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Understand the person behind the anonymous website visitor

Automate your customer conversations by having the chatbot ask for important details. The data is added to the CRM immediately and upon return, your customer gets a personal greeting from your chatbot.

Choose which details are important

Choose what information is important to you and have your chatbot ask for details such as name, company name and email address.

Customer identification

Surprise your customers and website visitors with a personal greeting. Let them know you’re happy they’re back and happy to help with personalized automated conversations.

Add Tags and Notes

Sort your conversations into ‘resolved’ or ‘not resolved’ with Tags. Add Notes that can be viewed by your internal team.

In the central dashboard your team works together to create an unforgettable customer experience. Pick up conversations, hand them off when necessary, and see into the entire customer profile. Tags and Notes allow your team to align on the customer’s needs so no question goes unanswered.

Watermelon live chat

Save time

Insight into the complete customer journey

Every conversation indicates the previous steps of the customer. Understand which channels they’re using to get in touch. Understand what your customer needs are and give them an unforgettable experience.

Watermelon live chat

Personalized service

Make your customer’s service experience unique to their needs

Discover trends in your service patterns with detailed analytics, and develop a 360-degree customer profile. Your live chat conversations and chatbot conversations are entirely customized to what your customer needs. Increasing customer satisfaction can increase your revenue.

Julie Choenni Hunter Douglas

“Instead of needing a whole team, a chatbot allows you to understand real-time who’s doing exactly what, and when.“

– Julie Choenni - Hunter Douglas

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to implement a chatbot?

The user-friendly platform makes it easy to have a chatbot live over a period of two months. Our Customer Onboarding Specialist will guide you along the way and support you in getting your chatbot live quickly.

Can I connect my own systems to Watermelon?

Sure! See which integrations are standards for Watermelon. Watermelon has an API key and webhooks available to allow your systems to communicate seamlessly Watermelon.

Is there support available during implementation?

Yes, our Customer Onboarding Specialist will support you when you’re getting everything set up. That extra help means your chatbot will be live in under two months. There are also a wealth of resources to support you in getting started on your own.

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