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Publish your chatbot on all your most popular channels in 5 easy steps. Reduce customer support volume by 20% or more. More happy customers, fewer phone calls. That’s a win-win.

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chatbot builder

Go live in 5 steps

Minimal input, maximum result

    Build a digital employee with the Watermelon Chatbot Builder - no coding required. Add your frequently asked questions - or create complex dialogues.

  • Advanced AI

    Thanks to the advanced AI, question variations are recognized easily, even if you didn’t add those. Your customers will always be helped.

  • Automating FAQ

    Do you often get common questions on topics like order status? Let your chatbot answer these questions automatically. Simply add content and save precious time.

  • Conversation builder

    Ask your customers follow-up questions and consult customer data in a fully automated way. You understand your customers, and they feel understood.

chatbot builderchatbot builderchatbot builder
Afas software

“The Chatbot offers fantastic support to the Commercial Team. After two unknown questions, the chatbot automatically transfers the conversation to an available team member.“

- AFAS Software

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Frequently asked questions

Let’s see if we can answer some of your questions. If your answer isn’t listed below, our Support team is happy to connect with you!

How long does it take to implement a chatbot?

The user-friendly platform makes it easy to have a chatbot live over a period of two months. Our Customer Onboarding Specialist will guide you along the way and support you in getting your chatbot live quickly.

Is there support available during implementation?

Yes, our Customer Onboarding Specialist will support you when you’re getting everything set up. That extra help means your chatbot will be live in under two months. There are also a wealth of resources to support you in getting started on your own.

Can I connect my own system to Watermelon?

Sure! See which integrations are standards for Watermelon. Watermelon has an API key and webhooks available to allow your systems to communicate seamlessly Watermelon.

live chat

Transfer conversation to a live agent

Your chatbot doesn’t need to operate alone

Watermelon gives you control over chatbot conversations - you decide when a conversation needs attention from a live employee. Turn on automatic handovers for selected conversations. Turn on the setting in the chatbot builder and the conversation will automatically be transferred to the appropriate team and/or available employee.

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