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Connect your most used channels and start a conversation with your customers and website visitors. Centralize customer contact and save on customer support costs. Your team works efficiently together - and your customers are very satisfied with the speed and accuracy of the response!

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The customer service solution for your team

Centralize all communication channels

Simple interface

Delegate tasks to colleagues and teams

Be available where your customers already are

Easy for customers to start conversations

Proactive customer service

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Frequently asked questions

Let’s see if we can answer some of your questions. If your answer isn’t listed below, our Support team is happy to connect with you!

What does Watermelon cost?

Get started with Watermelon for €0! Create your digital colleague starting at €49 per month. We offer several packages created to meet your company’s needs, and we’re happy to help you understand what’s best for you. Check our our pricing.

Is there support available during implementation?

Yes, our Customer Onboarding Specialist will support you when you’re getting everything set up. That extra help means your chatbot will be live in under two months. There are also a wealth of resources to support you in getting started on your own.

Can I connect my own systems to Watermelon?

Sure! See which integrations are standards for Watermelon. Watermelon has an API key and webhooks available to allow your systems to communicate seamlessly Watermelon.

One inbox for all your customer conversations

Easily work together in real-time

    You won’t need an entire toolkit for customer service once you start using Watermelon. You can monitor, engage with and report on the complete customer experience in the same dashboard. From talking with customers, to detailed statistics, to collaborating with colleagues. Watermelon isn’t an extra tool, it’s the tool.

  • Centralize customer contact

    Bring all of your customer conversations into a single, easy to use overview. Watermelon allows you to work together from a single inbox. Your team is working together efficiently, and your customers are getting answers quickly!

  • Get to know your customers

    See which channels your customers use most often and consult the entire conversation history. With visibility into customer data, notes, and tags, you know who your customers are and how best to serve them.

  • Work together efficiently

    In the central dashboard your team works together to create an unforgettable customer service experience. Pick up conversations, transfer them if needed and consult a complete customer profile. Tags and Notes allow your team to be aware of each customer’s history and needs so no customer question goes unanswered!

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Connect social channels

Start the conversation on every channel

Be ready and available to answer questions on the channels your customers use. Leverage the usability of social messaging apps and offer support at every step of the customer journey.

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Launch your chatbot

Support your service team with more availability

Automate your customer contact with a digital colleague. You can launch your chatbot on all your most-used channels in five easy steps. Remove the burden from your customer service team and reduce costs of providing support.

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