Create your own intelligent chatbot with Watermelon

Build your own chatbot and use it for customer service online. Harness the power of artificial intelligence to help your customers and your company quickly and efficiently.

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Let your chatbot have real conversations!

It’s easy to design your own conversations with Watermelon. With an ‘answer tree’ (also known as conversational design) your chatbot can immediately ask follow-up questions. It sounds complex, but it’s actually quite simple! For example, if a customer says ‘I want to buy a melon’, then your chatbot will ask ‘a yellow one or a green one?’ With these useful follow-up questions, you can have better conversations with your customers. You’ll be able to provide your customers with all the right answers far more quickly.

Create your own intelligent chatbot with Watermelon
Create your own intelligent chatbot with Watermelon

Train your chatbot’s artificially intelligent brain

It’s important to train your chatbot well so he’s fully prepared to help your customers. The system works with artificial intelligence – you enter an unlimited number of questions and answers that the system learns during training. The chatbot learns – so it doesn’t matter how your customer asks a question, he’ll understand the question immediately.

Is something still going wrong? That’s known as a mismatch. You can resolve these daily by teaching your chatbot which correct answer corresponds to the question being asked. The next time that the chatbot gets that question, it can answer the question right away. Training the chatbot helps it continuously improve to help your customers better and better.  

Time to test your chatbot!

Before your chatbot goes live, you need to test it thoroughly. You’ll be sure your chatbot understands all the necessary questions and provides the right answers. Is something a bit off during testing – is your chatbot giving an incorrect answer or not understanding a question? You can ‘flag’ questions and answers. These will appear in an overview so you can improve your chatbot after testing. Train the chatbot again and test again to see if it understands what it previously missed. This process takes time, but every minute you invest in testing will pay off.

Create your own intelligent chatbot with Watermelon
Create your own intelligent chatbot with Watermelon

Watermelon can be used on all your channels

When you have completed training and testing your chatbot, it is ready to go online and help your customers with their questions. You can launch it on your preferred service channel, such as Facebook Messenger, LiveChat or Twitter-DM. Watermelon seamlessly integrates with your existing service channels, you can launch your chatbot with a simple push of a button. The chatbot immediately goes to work and starts helping your customers with answering questions.

Create your own intelligent chatbot with Watermelon

Measure or it didn’t happen

To fully understand the work your chatbot is doing, you need more than just a real-time overview of conversations. It’s essential to measure the progress your chatbot is making. With the integrated feedback module, you’ll be able to find out what your customers think of your chatbot. How are they reacting? Are they having positive experiences with the chatbot – or is there still room for improvement? The feedback module also informs you how many conversations were transferred, and how many questions have been answered. This data is key to understanding how your chatbot is performing and helping it server your customers even better.

How does Watermelon pay off?

A chatbot offers countless advantages for you and your customer service department. You don’t only save time, you’re also helping customers more quickly. You’ll improve your customer satisfaction and relieve pressure from your customer service employees. A classic win-win situation! 

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    Available 24 hours a day

    Your chatbot is always online – so customers can contact you 24 hours per day. No lines, no waiting, and always a suitable answer. The service of the future!

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    More satisfied customers

    Customers who get their questions answered quickly aren’t only more satisfied, but also tell others about their positive experience.

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    Higher conversion rates

    Don’t let a single question go unanswered. Speedy customer service is the gateway to higher conversion rates.

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