Privacy by design

Watermelon is a platform to easily build chatbots without coding. We work with conversational data, so we designed Watermelon to protect privacy. From the beginning we’ve offered customers the opportunity to let their clients speak with a chatbot without collecting personal data from them.

Your data, your rules

The data that Watermelon collects in the platform about you is yours and will always be yours. Your data lives on a Google server in Belgium. As a data owner and customer you are the only one who has direct access to your data. Your data will never be used by third parties for other purposes than what you intend with your chatbot without explicit permission. Our data retention time is 365 days. We also have a data processing agreement which can be signed. As a Watermelon client, you can offer full transparency about how data is saved and how Watermelon functions as a data processor.


The chatbot doesn’t follow users, it has conversations

Having a meaningful conversation requires data from the customer. You can always choose to delete this data. Watermelon offers you the option to automatically delete from our servers the data that’s been saved. When a customers asks, you can decide to delete a conversation or an entire customer profile in its entirety. Customers have the option to decide what kind of data they provide to Watermelon with the certainty that it will never be misused.

We respect your privacy

Watermelon makes privacy a priority – not just for you, but also for your customers. If you find a way we can do better, let us know.


GDPR compliant

Watermelon is committed to being compliant with the GDPR legislation once in effect on May 25, 2018.

We promise our clients that our platform is GDPR compliant by design.


We ensure the security of our platform by storing data in a secure environment with the proper certificates, processes and systematic audits.

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