Privacy Policy

We handle your data carefully.

Privacy Statement Watermelon B.V.

Watermelon B.V, hereafter named: Watermelon, takes the importance of careful and correct handling of personal data very seriously. Therefore, Watermelon takes the utmost care when processing and securing personal data.

In the matter of processing personal data, Watermelon meets the demands of the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (“Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens”).

In this privacy statement, Watermelon explains which personal data it collects and processes and with what purpose.

Watermelon advises you to read this privacy statement carefully.

Article 1. General

  1. This privacy statement applies to all your visits to the website (hereafter named: ‘the Website’) and your use of the Watermelon software (hereafter named: ‘the Software”).
  2. The fact that Watermelon processes personal data is registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (“Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens”) under number: 1646183

Article 2. Collection and Use of Personal Data

  1. To provide you with the best possible service, Watermelon needs to save your personal data.
  2. When you use the Website and the contact form on the Website, Watermelon saves the following personal data:
    1. Data received by Watermelon from your use of the website. Watermelon collects for example: your IP address, the type of browser you’re using, the date and time of your visit and how you are using the Website
    2. The data you fill in on the contact form, specifically: first and/or last name, email address and your message. Watermelon collects this personal data to answer the questions you send to Watermelon using the Website
  3. When you use the Watermelon Software, via a customer of Watermelon, Watermelon collects the following personal data from you:
    1. First and last name;
    2. The following data from Facebook Messenger or Telegram, when you use one of these services via the Software: your Telegram ID / Facebook ID and your profile picture;
    3. The organisation you chat with via the Software;
    4. Data provided by you in your use of the Software, as well as the information and files that are sent by you using the Software.
  4. Watermelon collects the personal data referred to in the previous paragraph and saves this data for the following reasons:
    1. To provide you with a quick answer to your question, the customer service department of the customer using Watermelon, who you contact using the Software, uses your personal data. The customer service department can make notes during the conversation with you, to record why you have contacted customer service and which solution they have provided. Such data related to the customer service department in question is saved by Watermelon in order to meet the contractual agreements made with the customer.
    2. To provide customers of Watermelon with whom you have had contact with a backup in the instance of a substantial loss of data. The aforementioned is subject to evaluation by Watermelon.
  5. With your explicit agreement, Watermelon uses personal data to inform you about special offers in an email newsletter. The newsletter contains a link through which you can immediately unsubscribe from the newsletter.

Article 3. Provision to Third Parties

  1. Apart from provision as stated in this privacy statement, Watermelon will never provide your personal data to third parties without your explicit permission.
  2. Watermelon may utilise third parties that, under her supervision,  process personal data under the conditions outlined in this privacy statement. These agents operate under the responsibility of Watermelon and may not process any personal data for their own purposes.

Article 4. Cookies

  1. Watermelon uses cookies when offering electronic services. A cookie is a small, simple file that is sent along with pages of this website and saved by your browser on the hard drive of your computer.
  2. Watermelon uses cookies to analyse your settings and preferences. You can opt out of these cookies via your browser settings.
  3. When you use the Website, cookies from the American company Google are saved as a part of the “Google Analytics” service. Watermelon uses this service to track, and receive reports on, your use of her services. Google can provide this data to third parties when required by law, or to the extent that third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Watermelon has entered into a data processing agreement with Google; Google is therein forbidden to use the analytics information for other Google services. Furthermore, Watermelon has turned off the forwarding of IP addresses to Google via analytics.
  4. Watermelon uses Hotjar cookies. With these cookies you are individually identified as a visitor in order to show you the most relevant content. Watermelon uses this service to track, and receive reports on, your use of the Website and the Software. By using these cookies Watermelon can track you throughout a session. These cookies automatically delete themselves after 365 days. Hotjar saves all information from a session by default, including keystrokes in form fields. Watermelon has made use of the option to ignore all keystrokes and to exclude specific fields from the information saved by Hotjar, due to the privacy of personal data. Hotjar does not display any IP addresses. A unique ID is shown, but this ID can not be traced (by the Hotjar user) to the IP address.
  5. More information about the use of cookies by Watermelon can be found in the Cookie Policy.

Article 5. Websites and Third-Party Services

  1. This privacy statement is not applicable to third-party websites that are connected to the Watermelon website by links. Watermelon can not guarantee that these third parties use your personal data in a reliable and/or secure way. Watermelon advises you to carefully read the privacy statement of such third-party websites before using them.
  2. In order to use the Software you need to create an account for one of the following services: Facebook messenger, Skype, Telegram. Thoroughly read the privacy statements of these services (which change frequently) to see what they do with your personal data and how it is processed.

Article 6. Alteration / Deletion of Personal Data

  1. You have the right to review, alter, add to, and demand to delete, destroy and protect your personal data, in agreement with the Dutch Data Protection Act.
  2. Should you want to exercise the aforementioned rights, or should you have questions regarding the use of the aforementioned rights, or about this privacy statement, you can contact Watermelon via email at

Article 7. Security

  1. To protect the Website and the Software, Watermelon uses a secure and encrypted SSL connection. This is indicated by the acronym ‘https’ in the URL displayed in the address bar of your browser.

Article 8. Changes to the Privacy Statement

  1. Watermelon has the right to change this privacy statement.
  2. In the instance that Watermelon exercises the right to change this privacy statement, these changes will be directly applied to this statement. Watermelon will make you aware of this change during a three-month period by providing a notification on her website, as well as sending you an email.