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Vegetable garden

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Our plans


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Vegetable garden

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Conversations & channels
Conversations 500 questions / month 2.500 Conversations / month 10.000 Conversations / month
Users 5 User accounts Unlimited user accounts Unlimited user accounts
Chatbots 1 Chatbot 1 Chatbot 1 Chatbot
Channel 1 Channel 5 Channels 15 Channels
Conversation module
FAQ questions module
Hybrid chatbot Let human and computer work closely together
Own chatbot personality
AI Our chatbots are artificial intelligent and independently learn to answer questions
Powerful AI
Content creation based on algorithm
Intention extraction by an algorithm
Integrated CRM
Intuitive overview
Personal greetings
Support Customer Succes Manager We help you to get the best chatbot of the world! Dedicated Customer Success Manager Together we set goals and monitor this every week.
Service Level Agreement 99,95% 99,99%
Intensive training and guidance
Extensive developers support
Extensive reports
Extensive chatbot reports
Extensive reports per employee
Multi-company function Coming soon

Coming soon

We’re working hard to continue development on our Enterprise plan. Do you have different questions? Visit the FAQ. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I integrate Watermelon with my website/app/etcetera?

Our user friendly API allows you to integrate Watermelon with any product. Any app, website or other tech product can be integrated. 


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Watermelon’s chatbot technology is based on Artificial Intelligence. This type of intelligence allows machines, software and devices to solve a problem autonomously, while learning from their own mistakes to provide better solutions in future.


What is a hybrid model?

The hybrid model relies on the seamless cooperation between human and chatbot. Does the chatbot not know the correct answer because it has not learned a question yet? Then it will forward the conversation to an employee. 


 What does algorithm controlled content creation mean?

A smart algorithm allows a chatbot to autonomously come up with new questions matching the content you have added. This means that you only need to enter three questions to enable the chatbot to answer over a thousand questions on its own.


 What does the multi-company setting do?

The multi-company setting lets you add multiple chatbots/companies to the dashboard. You can then give individual users acces to one or multiple companies. 


What is a Customer Success Manager and what is a Dedicated Customer Succes Manager?

A Customer Success Manager helps you to implement your chatbot, giving you a flying start and teaching you how to effectively train your chatbot. A Dedicated Customer Succes Manager helps you to set goals for your chatbot, which are reviewed on a weekly basis.


 What does intention extraction mean?

A chatbot can infer the intent of questions put to it, in order to understand what a question is about. It learns this intent from the input you provide. The chatbot then infers the intent and recognises it whenever a similar question is asked.


Can I integrate Watermelon with my CRM?

We offer the option of connecting your CRM to Watermelon. This lets your customer conversation be saved to the correct clients in your CRM. 

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The Sapling plan

We understand that many companies need to follow an internal vetting process before they can make a decision to implement new software. 

That’s why we offer the Sapling plan. You can add up to 10 users and 10 social channels. If you’d like to try out the chatbot, please contact us. 

Are you convinced Watermelon is for you, and you’d like to use the system with more than 10 colleagues or 10 channels? Upgrade to our Vegetable Garden or our Greenhouse plan.  

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Questions? Ask our customer service team

It’s totally normal that you have questions about Watermelon. We’re here every day to help you as best we can. We’re always adding new answers to our FAQ.

We’re available five days a week from 8:30 AM to 6 PM. In the future, we intend to have our customer service team available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week!

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