Notification Center

With Watermelon you decide how and when you want to be notified of an incoming message,
never miss any customer contact!

Improve your customer’s service satisfaction

Make sure you get notified of every new message and give the best customer service your customers ever had.

These companies never miss customer contact with Watermelon:

Personalize notifications

How you want to receive your notifications is something personal for every employee. That is the reason that Watermelon makes sure this is completely customizable for every live-agent. Improve customer satisfaction and your employees’ happiness.

Pick your channel

Do you want to receive an email or a notification in your browser of a new message? Pick your own channels!

Chatbot or live-agent?

Choose whether you want a notification of an incoming message or conversation from your chatbot and/or live-agent.

Choose sounds

Decide on which channels you would like to hear a sound. Pick the sounds that fit will fit you or the type of notification best.


The easiest way to handle customer contact

Log in to the Watermelon dashboard in any browser and start chatting right away. Receive notifications in sounds of any incoming conversation or message. Definitely, the easiest way to handle your customer contact.

Product: Notification Center
Product: Notification Center


One app for customer service

Download the Watermelon Mac OS desktop and receive your notifications in your dock. Integrate Watermelon in your workflows and work more efficient.


Never miss a thing

You might not have Watermelon running on your computer at all times, therefore we introduce email notifications. Receive notifications of the important incoming queries and be sure to always give your customers a reply.

Product: Notification Center
Product: Notification Center


Take Watermelon with you anywhere

Carry your customer service with you anywhere. With the Watermelon app, you get push notifications of any new conversation or incoming message on your phone.

Always be there for your customers with the right notifications

Fast response

Give an immediate response thanks to the notifications.

Never miss a thing

Always know about any incoming message and never skip a customer.


Choose sounds and select push, desktop or email notifications.


Do you want to improve your customer's satisfaction?

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