Lower your costs with Watermelon

Reduce the pressure on your customer service team and save money. A Chatbot can support your team at peak moments, preventing you from having to hire or staff extra manpower. Read on to find out the ways a digital employee can give your customer service team a boost!

Avoid extra manpower at peak moments

You know it happens – every customer service team sometimes experiences peak moments. Due to higher-than-normal volumes, the team isn’t able to respond immediately to all incoming customer questions. A Chatbot allows your team to dynamically scale and provide immediate and accurate answers to customer questions. This way you can avoid customers having to wait longer for an answer during peak moments.

Lower your costs with Watermelon
Lower your costs with Watermelon

Save time for more important tasks

Smart virtual service employees are being used more and more often to optimise service processes. The chatbot can handle all first-line questions, like ‘What time are you open ‘til today?’ or ‘When is my order going to arrive?’. This gives your service team more time to handle more complicated cases.

Generate more revenue

It’s pretty typical that a customer will have a few questions about the product before they make a purchase. The customer is more likely to make a purchase when his questions are answered quickly and thoroughly, especially if he can make that purchase online. When this process is automated, you can make many more sales than you had previously. You also increase your store’s availability and accessibly by using a Chatbot that’s available 24/7.

Lower your costs with Watermelon

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