It only takes a few seconds to activate your chatbot on Wordpress with the Wordpress plugin for Watermelon. / Publish your chatbot on Wordpress |

Wordpress plugin

Activate your Watermelon chatbot on your Wordpress website. Install the plugin, add your link code and go live - it’s that easy.

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Watermelon integratie Wordpress plugin

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Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS systems for websites. If you have a Wordpress website, you can publish your Watermelon chatbot on your website without any code.

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Be ready to answer your customers wherever they are. Discover your customers’ favorite channels from Watermelon statistics and increase your availability.

Watermelon integratie Wordpress plugin
Watermelon integratie Wordpress plugin

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Connect your chatbot with your internal systems

Watermelon’s APIs make it possible to have your chatbot leverage information that’s outside of the ecosystem. The Watermelon API is a bridge, ensuring information flows between platforms quickly, safely and accurately. The chatbot consults the backend data for the information required, without slowing down or interrupting processes. Give your chatbot the opportunity to provide the best experience for customers by enabling access to databases and tools.

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