Increase conversion on your website with a Chatbot

A Watermelon Chatbot guides your website visitor through the ordering process. This means more orders and higher revenues!

Generate more sales

A virtual sales assistant guides your customers through every sales or ordering process. The Chatbot recognizes the intent of your customer’s question and sends him immediately to the correct page. You can teach your chatbot sales techniques, so that customers are that much more likely to buy, sooner. A virtual employee is a jack-of-all-trades that is available 24/7 for your customers.

Increase conversion on your website with a Chatbot
Increase conversion on your website with a Chatbot

Provide the right support

Customers want to have a great experience the moment they start loading your website. A chatbot can ask your customers the right questions to understand what they’re searching for. Based on this input, the Chatbot provides relevant choices to lead your customer down the path to purchase. Ultimately your website visitors are more likely to purchase or request more information when their questions are answered quickly.

The right info, immediately

A Chatbot allows you to start a conversation with your customer at specific trigger points. If you see that a customer is spending longer than normal on a specific page, your chatbot can send him a message asking if he needs some help. The advantage of using a chatbot here is that your customer can immediately ask a question and doesn’t need to wait for an answer.

Increase conversion on your website with a Chatbot

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