Create a better customer experience

Easily transform your customers into ambassadors with our All-in-One Conversational Platform.

Always available

Increase your availability to 24/7

Reduce mails and calls

Focus on the questions that matter


Save support costs

Let your service team grow with ease


Automate repetitive questions

Add a chatbot to the most used social messaging apps and be available for your customers day and night. The time of waiting for a response is over!
“We expected Kees to be able to take care of 15-20% of customer inquiries, but after two months, it increased to 40%!”

Marcel van Loon, CEO at Ticketpoint

Improve Customer Service
Improve Customer Service


Create a seamless handover

Collaborate and improve your teamwork with our intuitive dashboard with effortless chatbot hand-over. Create teams and your chatbot knows exactly where the conversation belongs.
“If the chatbot cannot find a solution, he will pass the question on to the customer service team, it works wonderful!”

Simone de Boer, Employee customer communications at SPF Beheer


All channels in one overview

Be where your customers are with our integrated social channels. Help your customers through Facebook, WhatsApp, your website and many more from one overview and be more efficiënt.
“We could provide and manage digital contact with our customers, still staying personal and acting as consultants. That’s exactly what we wanted!”

Maureen van den Bergh, Customer contact employee at BKR

Improve Customer Service

Powerful Features

Give your Customer Service a boost with our all-in-one Conversational Platform.

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    Conversation builder

    Build conversation flows with our powerful no-coding conversational builder.

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    Artifical intelligence

    Easily add all your questions to the conversational builder.

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    Effortlessly manage all your customers with Watermelon's extensive CRM.

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    Custom fields

    Create custom properties to personalize and enrich your customer data.

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    Let your colleagues and chatbot work together seamlessly.

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    Gain new data and insights and improve your customer care tremendously.

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“We could provide and manage digital contact with our customers, still staying personal and acting as consultants. That’s exactly what we wanted.”

  • Over 300 conversations per day are handled by the chatbot
  • 75% of all customers does not need a human agent
  • Response time increased by 3000%

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Improve Customer Service

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