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Help desk software: helping you to keep online customer service organised

Most companies use a range of communications channels to talk to their customers. Apart from e-mail, this includes Facebook Messenger, Twitter and webchats on the company’s homepage. While it’s good to be available to your customers on all these different channels, it can also lead to chaos. Has using multiple communication channels made a mess of your online customer service?  Make sure to use the right help desk software to get things running smoothly again.

 Helpdesk Software

Get your communications clearly organised with Watermelon’s help desk software

At Watermelon we know how tricky it can be to use multiple channels to communicate with customers, and we’ve come up with a solution. We’ve developed a help desk software which displays and lets you control all of your different communication channels from one dashboard. This lets you talk to your customers more quickly and efficiently. So no more switching from tab to tab or chat to chat!

User friendly help desk software

At the moment Watermelon’s brand new help desk software supports Facebook Messenger and Telegram. We’re working hard to integrate a variety of other channels, including e-mail and webchat. Thanks to these different integrations you only have to use one help desk software package, instead of getting all sorts of separate programmes. Even when supporting dozens of communication channels, Watermelon will stay just as user friendly and efficiently organised.

Some of the benefits of Watermelon Messenger:

  • All of your customer communications in one overview;
  • Real-time customer profiles;
  • Archive your conversations;
  • Automate your customer service using smart chatbot technology.
  • Starting from € 0,00 a month!

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Help Desk Software

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