What’s next? The UWV chatbot can help. 

At the moment we’re working closely with the employee insurance agency UWV  to develop a chatbot that can help people who are facing unemployment. The chatbot can help determine what the best next step is, like applying for the appropriate benefits. In case of the demo which won MILVUM (a Watermelon partner) the UWV hackathon of 2016,  the chatbot had been configured to communicate with clients applying for WIA (unemployment benefit due to disability). This chatbot was able to answer up to 50% of queries. By using the special Facebook Messenger QR code, website visitors are redirected to Facebook to put their question directly to the chatbot. This chatbot is still in development, but you can click the button below to see a video impression of what it will look like and how he/she answers questions. 

Check Out Chatbot 


Getting started

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