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In 2007, Windows Live Messenger (also known as MSN) was very popular with young people. Timing is one of the Netherlands’ largest temp agencies and saw the possibilities of the platform.  Working with Ecreation, a part of Watermelon, Timing introduced chatbot Tim on the WLM platform. Timing’s target population mainly consists of young people and graduates, which is why WLM offered the ideal platform. Thanks to chatbot Tim, Timing was available 24/7 to answer any questions from young job seekers. 


Chat with Tim through WLM

Chatbot Tim 1.0 main purpose was to coach young graduates towards finding their dream job. At the tim – much like today – the sheer number of job openings available meant it could be hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes. By using a  specific conversation flow which included asking a specific set of questions, Tim was able to guide users towards the job notice that suited their talents and interests. In the absence of any suitable job openings, chatbot Tim was able to remember the search criteria and notify users through email when an interesting job opened up.  Chatbot Tim proved a big success, both on the WLM platform and on the company website. When Microsoft stopped the WLM platform, it was decided to optimise chatbot Tim for use on the website, to keep helping users find the job that’s right for them. 

IntraTim for Timing’s intranet

Chatbot Tim was a big success for Timing, and in 2014 they decided to have an equally effective chatbot built by Watermelon, only this time for internal use. For their intranet, Timing needed a user friendly tool to inform its employees about where to find specific forms and information and the latest regulations. Watermelon launched IntraTim in November 2014, and the chatbot ended up being used by 47 organisations throughout The Netherlands.  

After analysing all available data from the customer service department of all Timing branches, we created a database with the most frequently asked questions which we added to the knowledge database of chatbot Tim. During the process of creation, we worked closely with Timing to be able to deliver a chatbot that was as efficient as possible. At the same time, Timing was learning to manage the chatbot’s content and to operate the platform. To create chatbot Tim we used existing information which was optimised for the chatbot to be able to provide both correct and relevant answers to questions. 


Chatbot Tim 2.0

In 2015, Timing overhauled its website, and this meant a complete refurbishment for chatbot Tim as well. Because of the large number of job offers, which only kept increasing,  it was decided a different and more organised conversation structure was needed for the chatbot. Most of the small talk was taken out to make room for a more tightly structured conversation model. This way job seekers could search more simply and quickly, and even apply to the perfect job, ask questions about a job offer and manage their own personal account. And so, chatbot Tim 2.0 was born! 


Benefits for Timing

Chatbot Tim was a big success for Timing’s customer service department! The chatbot was able to correctly interpret information provided by job seekers and provide the right answers to questions. Because questions were being answered quickly and accurately, less people contacted the ‘real’ customer service representatives. This left them with more time to answer other customer queries which were more difficult and time-consuming, enabling them to focus on more personal service.  Which is why  chatbot Tim proved a great asset to Timing. 

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