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Customer Case: Chat with Study Buddy!

Study Buddy specialises in helping both students and professionals improve their focus at work and at school by selling a supplement which immediately helps you concentrate.  Study Buddy was looking for an easy and user-friendly way to communicate with its customers. Their channels of choice are e-mail, Livechat, and when it comes to students, Facebook Messenger. 


What are the chatbot’s goals? 

Study Buddy decided to use a chatbot for Facebook Messenger, because this is their busiest customer service channel. They wish to be able to respond more quickly to customer queries and this is exactly what a chatbot could do for Study Buddy. The chatbot handles all Facebook Messenger queries. When it can’t answer a customer’s question, the conversation is forwarded to a Study Buddy employee.


How well is the chatbot doing?

Wimme Klaver, CEO of Study Buddy, thinks the chatbot has been doing extremely well so far. Since the chatbot went live some weeks ago, he can tell the chatbot has been a great asset both from his own perspective and that of his customers. “Using the chatbot kills two birds with one stone. Customers get faster replies to their queries, and it takes us a lot less time to handle their requests.” 

At the moment, the chatbot is being used on Facebook Messenger, Study Buddy’s busiest customer service channel. Thanks to the chatbot, Study Buddy can be reached 24/7, and questions can be answered even outside regular office hours. As Wimme notes: “It’s not just more convenient for the customer, but for us too. The only thing we have to do is check  for any open queries the chatbot can’t answer yet.” 


+18 NPS 

Customers were equally satisfied with the chatbot’s help, so Study Buddy could tell by its NPS. “This went up with +18 after we implemented the chatbot.” Customers indicated that the biggest plus was their contact with the chatbot, because they got faster help and therefore a faster answer to their question.  


Which questions does the chatbot answer? 

Study Buddy has set a number of question categories for their chatbot. For instance, there’s a category with order-related questions and a category with questions asked before the ordering process. “The last category is especially important, because this is what helps convince customers of the quality of our product. They’re about to make a purchase and the chatbot helps us provide them information more quickly, making them more likely to buy.” At the moment, the chatbot answers roughly 30% of customer queries. When it can be integrated with Study Buddy’s ordering system, this percentage can be brought up to 85%. 


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How exciting was it to go live with the chatbot? 

In terms of stressfulness, Wimme thought the process of going live was remarkably stress-free. “I thought it was wonderful to see how a chatbot can understand a unique question and retrieve and give the correct reply.” Wimme also stressed his confidence in the chatbot’s performance, after extensive training and testing with the guidance of a Watermelon employee. This helped set up the chatbot and having it ready for use in no time. “This not only made the process of implementing the chatbot easier, but also actually quite fun!”  

“I’m very happy about the collaboration with Watermelon. Communication was smooth and lines are kept short, so support is always available when needed. The results speak for themselves!” 

Wimme Klaver – Study Buddy CEO


What else would you like to use the chatbot for in future? 

When the option becomes available, Study Buddy would like to use the chatbot for e-mail contact. With the number of e-mails they receive, automatically answering e-mail queries would be a big advantage. Their number one most frequently asked question is “What is the status of my order?” Wimme indicates he would like to see their ordering system integrated with Watermelon, so the chatbot can access order numbers and provide more personal responses to individual customer queries. 


Would you recommend using a chatbot to other companies? 

“Definitely! Especially to companies that depend a lot on customer contact. I think: the more time you spend talking to customers, the bigger the bonus for you as an organisation!”

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