More happiness within your company

Turn your team into true ambassadors of your brand.

Always accessible

There is a right answer for every question, wherever, whenever.


Strengthen teams

Streamline the internal processes and know what’s going on

Unique experience

Create a unique Employee Experience they won’t forget


Save time

Work more efficiently and save a tremendous amount of time by requesting the right information from your employees when they are in need of information about any internal related matter.
“There are multiple reasons to use a chatbot at PepsiCo, for example: a better Employee Experience and it’s time-saving for our employees and HR team”

Pascalle Beijderwellen, HR Officer at PepsiCo

Enhance Employee Experience
Enhance Employee Experience


Provide automated guidance

Create a unique experience and let the chatbot help your new employees getting onboard in the company. Automate all the onboarding related questions, matters and information streams.
“Using a chatbot for technical onboarding enables us to focus more on the personal aspects of onboarding”

Mariëlle van Deelen, HR & Operations Manager at Watermelon


Integrate existing platforms

Make sure your employees communicate within the platforms they already use. Easily add a chatbot to your existing internal communication platform.


Enhance Employee Experience

All features

Give your employee experience a boost with our powerful features.

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    Conversational builder

    Build conversation flows with our powerful no-coding conversational builder.

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    Artificial Intelligence

    Easily add all your questions to the conversational builder.

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    Effortlessly manage all your employees with Watermelon's extensive CRM.

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    Custom Fields

    Create custom properties to personalize and enrich your data.

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    Timed trigger

    Attract the attention of your employees to show that you care about their well-being.

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    Language switch

    Personalize your dashboard to your own language.

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