Easily set up a Chatbot with Watermelon in 5 steps

Creating your digital colleague has never been easier than with Watermelon. Without coding you can create your own Chatbot in five steps and publish it on your website or social media.

Step 1: Add knowledge

The strength of a Chatbot lies in the depth of its knowledge base. In order to understand the intent of the questions a customer is asking, and to provide the correct answer, your Chatbot will need a basic amount of knowledge. 

In Watermelon you can easily transfer your knowledge to the Chatbot by adding a series of questions and answers to the Chatbot’s brain. These can be question-answer pairs, or complex dialogues where the Chatbot asks follow-up questions.

Easily set up a chatbot with Watermelon in 5 steps
Easily set up a chatbot with Watermelon in 5 steps

Step 2: Let it learn

Watermelon uses artificial intelligence. You don’t need to add every single question and answer, as our smart technology ensures you get maximum output with minimal input. The Chatbot uses your input to learn spelling mistakes and synonyms.

You teach 4 variations of a question to the Chatbot, but over time with experience the Chatbot can learn thousands of variations and thus provide an even better experience.

Step 3: Testing

Now that your Chatbot has knowledge and has been trained, it’s time for testing! Testing happens in a closed chat environment where you have a one-on-one dialogue with your Chatbot. You don’t need to publish your Chatbot online in order to test it.

Ask it the new questions you’ve taught it in as many ways as you can, or ask your colleagues to test it for you. If you don’t like the answers the Chatbot is giving you, go back to step 1 and see what you could improve. If you’re satisfied, it’s time to go live with your Chatbot!

Easily set up a chatbot with Watermelon in 5 steps
Easily set up a chatbot with Watermelon in 5 steps

Step 4: Publishing your Chatbot

If you’ve successfully completed the first three steps, it’s time to publish your Chatbot live online. This is the most exciting part, because your customers are going to get to meet your new digital employee. Once the Chatbot is live it starts working immediately, helping an infinite number of customers simultaneously.

Publish your Chatbot with the click of a button, and choose the channels on which you want it to be active: Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, your website or other channels of your choice. 

Step 5: Make your Chatbot smarter

Once your Chatbot is live and is having conversations with customers, the most important step begins. Your customer asks questions, gets an immediate answer and is satisfied.

Th Chatbot will also offer up questions to which it doesn’t know the answer to you as an employee so you can easily teach them to the Chatbot.

This process is completed continuously so you can make the chatbot that much smarter every day.

Easily set up a chatbot with Watermelon in 5 steps
Easily set up a chatbot with Watermelon in 5 steps

Work together with your Chatbot

It’s possible that your Chatbot doesn’t know the answer to a question. You can choose if you want to have the conversation transferred to a human employee. When you do this the customer can still get a response, this is what we call the handover. You decide at what point the Chatbot should handover the conversation.

You can watch the Chatbot have conversations in realtime and get insights to help make your Chatbot even smarter.

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