With the introduction of CXhub, Watermelon is ready to take your customer experience to the next level. Deploy CXhub on your website to create a new portal where customers can submit queries through easy-to-use chat. CXhub lets chatbot and employee work together in seamless harmony to increase your customer satisfaction.

Always offer the right kind of help

With CXhub, the customer is in charge, ensuring they get the kind of help they require. If the customer has a simple question, he or she can ask the Chatbot and get an instant answer. But if the customer is in a more complex situation that requires more help, one simple click of the bell button is enough to notify an employee. The employee can view the conversation history, so your customers will never need to repeat themselves.


Engage customers like
never before

Creating unique moments of contact is exactly what CXhub is made for. By making it possible to chat with your company, you become more accessible to your customers, without losing that all-important personal touch. You can help more customers and leave them satisfied with your level of service.


View previously unknown data

CXhub is fully integrated in our Watermelon dashboard, which makes it very easy to retrieve previously unkown data relevant to your customer service. With Watermelon you are able to see which topics are asked about the most, the number of conversations held over a selected period of time, and much more!

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